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Author: DeZzErX

This mini-mod adds the Flemish as a faction to MTW2. With their own unique units such as the Goedendag Militia, Badelaar Militia
and the Flemish Pikemen. Everything is included to make this faction as complete as the vanilla ones.


-Adds the faction County of Flanders to MTW2.
-Faction has 30 units.
-County of Flanders start with the province of Bruges.
-Faction campaign description, units, banners,faction logo, merchants, diplomats,...
-Historical faction Leader.
-Unique units such as the Badelaar Militia, Goedendag Militia and Heavy Goedendag Militia.
-The Army relies heavily on Militia units.


Extract the RAR in too the MTW2 Folder. (for instance "c:\program files\MTW2")
After the extraction is complete you'll find flandersfaction.bat in the MTW2 Folder, simply click this twice to run the mod

NOTE: if you want the small ingame movies to work (such as the assasination movies for example) do this:

Open the Data folder in MTW2 Directory, then open the fmv folder and select the following folders:

Right click and then click copy.

Then open the flandersfaction folder in the MTW2 directory (NOT THE FLANDERSFACTION FOLDER IN THE DATA DIRECTORY), open the fmv folder
and paste the folders you copied before in it. Done.

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