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NOTE: You may have seen many tiny tweaks posted by me in the DL section, I feel some people would like to have the option of having these tweaks done for them since many don't know how to do it themselves...this is not spam, this is contribution in a small way.

This was made for 1.2, and was requested by a member.

What this does, is enables all the highest level ships to be built at the lowest level buildings, and every other forward, that means carracks and gun galleys can be built right at ports instead of drydocks.

This does not effect trade bonus, higher level docks/ports will still have use to increase trade.

to install, extract the file in the rar to your main mtw2 data folder, then use the file first command line to run it.

Or you can use your own modfolder and use the batch file to run it.

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