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Projectiles effects modification:


- Arrows, bolts, javelin, ballista bolts are remaining on floor during the entire duration of the battle.
- Special effects for canons, culverins, bombards etc... when you use explosive ammos
- More smoke for muskets, canons etc... (but not too much).
- Less shockwave (cause it was too important in the vanilla version).


This mod is based on the arrow mod but improved. I have removed the arrows not disapearing on the walls (cause an arrow in a stone wall looks weird...). I have also removed the flames for the arrows that were continuing to burn when on floor (illogical...).

The REAL_ARROW mod was done by NIKO (NIKO_TWOW.RU)
As he did the largest part of the work (I only tweaked his work) he deserves the credits.

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