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Start the mod by using the shortcut in the start menu or executing:
C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\The_Long_Road.bat

For a description of The Long Road, visit The Long Road Wiki

Whats new in Beta 10
- Various Stability Fixes
- 2 New Provinces (Nishapur and Kerkyra)
- Corrected various unit ownership issues
- Corrected mesh and texture issues
- Corrected New Faction Music
- Corrected Many of the New Faction Sounds
- Campaign Map tweaking/beautifying
- Fixed some New Faction missing UI textures.

Known Issues
- Some Custom Battle Maps not positioned correctly
- Missing Campaign Select Maps

- Designed for MTW2 Patch 1.2
- 4 new factions (Kievan Rus', Kwarezmian Empire, Syrian Caliphate, Abbassid Caliphate)
- Islamic Princesses
- New Banners and Faction Graphics
- New Roleplaying Traits and Ancillaries (Leadership, Battle Rank (Heraldry), Campaign Experience, Governance Experience)
- Many new units
- New AOR Mercenary Recruitment System.
- Improved Character Names
- Units have Stronger Armor (Longer Battles)
- Iberia more historically accurate
- Campaign AI Tweaks
- Rebalanced Economy
- Building Tree fixes (Thanks Callawyn)
- Harder Unrest
- Improved AI handling of religion
- Various Map Fixes
- Reduced/Removed Flood Disasters
- Final Title Graphics included (Thanks Acegogo)
- Designed for MTW2 v1.1
- Campaign AI Upgrade (More aggressive and Intelligent)
- Rebalanced (Harder) Economy
- More unique Settlement Title graphics (Thanks acegogo)
- Unit Card graphics for some Independents
- Rebalanced Guild Acquisition
- Resource Additions and Fixes
- Crash Fix due to missing names
- Map Fixes
- Fix for Dead Ancestors Graphics
- Burrek's Knights & Knaves.
- Burrek's Early and Late Era Reskins
- Dismounted Order Knights.
- WhiteWolf's Byzantium Reskin
- New Extended East Map
- Leader Names and Faction Start Fixes
- Resource Adjustments
- A plethora of new events
- City Title Ancillaries for all regions
- Maximum number of regions
- Many fixes
- Improved Campaign AI. More field battles.
- Campaign AI Fixes. AI no longer attacks just because it has an alliance and slightly dislikes you.
- Global Reputation will normalize a bit quicker.
- Fixes to Map for accessing West Africa Coast with early ships
- Unit cost/upkeep increased
- Adjusted starting situations for Sicily, Byzantium, Venice, Spain
- Diplomats now always recruitable. Town Hall type buildings give diplomat experience.
- Pikemen have weaker secondary attacks
- Elephant crew attacks corrected and cost/upkeep adjusted
- 5 new provinces
-- 2 in Iberia
-- 1 in the British Isles
-- 1 in Italy
-- 1 in Eastern Africa
- Other minor fixes
- Adjusted Moorish/Spanish/Egyptian faction starting situation
- Balanced 2 handed axe Units
- Balanced gunpowder Units
- Balanced Byzantium infantry units
- Tweaked/Balanced Pikemen
- Some corrections to the recruitment tree.
- Various new provinces and faction starting situations
- More difficult independent provinces
- Balanced Units!!!
- Tweaked Battle and Siege AI
- Blood, Broads, and Bastards v1.9
- Reduced number of Inquisitors
- Other minor fixes
- Fixed Building Tree
- All new Campaign AI and Diplomacy
- Only Militia has free upkeep
- Crossbowmen can fire better from walls
- Improved AI Siege Formations
- Fixes to Cavalry getting stuck on rocks
- Additional minor fixes.
- Armor based Era System
- Era System for bigger walls
- Era System for gunpowder
- New Building Scheme for barracks (Option 3 from the poll)
- Portugal Map Fixes
- Improved Battle AI
- Fixed Cardinals
- Population growth lowered
- Biggest Castle at start is a Wooden Castle (Keep style)
- Biggest City is a regular stone wall city.

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