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.Powerful Charge of Heavy Cavalries.

.very heavy mass of Heavy cavalry

.all cavalries are little bit higher (X2)

.light cavalries aren`t powerful than Heavy one.

.general`s population is X 2

.but expensive general (and upkeep)

.elephant`s HP is Higher than before.(75% higher to recruit)

.cavalry`s defense skill +2~4

.powerful 2Handed Swords.(+1~2 damege & AP)

.forlorn hope is now useful

.the number of all siege weapon`s cannon X2

.but +100 to recruit

.Units are omitted on Campagne game now recruitable

.you can recruit Late_General in Huge City

.you can recruit Swiss Pikemen(HRE) and Flemish Pikemen(France)

.names of Provinces are changed

.now 20 factions are selectable

.blood mod. added

.captains and generals` face is visible

.Horse Dust mod. is added


.Now you can move 3 tmes longer on campaign map

.you can improve your reputation easier.

.reflected Ultimate AI 1.5(Just only campaign map`s deplomacy AI)

.Zephs` princess Mod.

.merchants earn more money

.farm`s production X3~4

.added Darth`s title Mod.

.byzantium recruit more units(and added 2 perculier unit)

.gunners and pikemens are slightly reinforced

.added some units on turks

.re-formed campaign map`s faction sphere

.some units are reinforced

.you can adopt son only ~29 aged man(and +17 age differance)

.characters live a little longer

.Darth`s battle AI

.-1 turn for build

.new unit`s skins

.new banners added

.soldiers do not carry torches even night

.and many changes......(I can`t remember all articles)

Have fun and May Force be with You!

How to use;
overwrite data folder( --io.file_first is needed)

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