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Author: gfortune

For DLV 4.0 with Bugfixer 2.

Copy into DLV-Ext\data directory. Be sure to backup your files.

This 1.2 which includes changes to the Jerusalem Faction to reflect the 1180 time period which saw Baldwin IV as King (added traits to reflect his leprosy condition), and includes his sister Sibylle marrying Guy of Lusignan. Also Guy was not yet out of favor with Baldwin IV, and was considered the regent during the King's incapacitation. It was not until 1183, that Baldwin IV, became offended by Guy's actions as regent, and appointed his 5-year-old nephew Baldwin of Montferrat as his heir and successor. Baldwin of Montferrat, was Sibylla's son by her first marriage to William of Montferrat, who died before his son's birth. Baldwin of Montferrat, is considered incorrectly by the game as Baldwin of Lusignan in the updated Jerusalem faction file. I have not found a way for a princess to have more than one (deceased) husband with children.

Also to reflect historical accuracy, the rest of crusader states were modified for the time of 1180, especially in relation to adding Raymond of Tripoli (Count of Tripoli, Prince of Galilee and Tiberias), Raynald of Chatillon (ruler of Kerak), and Bohemond (Prince of Antioch), and of course Balian of Ibelin!

Kingdom of Heaven, anyone?

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