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Character Names Project Mod v 4.00 for M2:TW - Kingdoms - Americas only - 1.0


NOTE: These mod files are meant to be used only with M2:TW Kingdoms - Americas campaign


Updated 2 September 2007

The Character Names Project's goal is to overhaul all of MTW2's character names lists so that they are as historically correct as possible. A secondary goal is to increase the number of names in each list, therefore creating a more diverse character (specifically family) tree in a MTW2 campaign. This is being done to address the problem of vanilla MTW2 having names lists which contained errors of all varieties, and the problem that they contained too few names.

For more information, please visit our forum here.


What you will see:

1.) Authentic period names (with proper spellings and accents, etc.)
2.) More diversity amongst names (the modified lists are larger than the vanilla lists)
3.) All families will start the game with surnames/bynames
4.) Popes will have proper regnal names
5.) 4 factions with entirely new character names lists
6.) Factions titles, ie. King and Prince, in native languages and grammar
7.) Common regal names will appear more often for their factions

NOTE: Titles for certain Native American factions are guesswork, for example I couldn't find the Apachean word for 'heir', so I used their word for 'child'.


Full name list changes:

Aztecs [~420 names. Authors: otark]
England [~490 names. Authors: Kingmaker & deRougemont]
France [~400 names. Authors: Kingmaker & Johan217]
Spain [~350 names. Authors: Pelusa]

Partial name list changes, ie. lenghtening CA's list:

Apache [~60 names. Authors: The Fuzz]

This download is a RAR file containing the revised character names lists created at The Character Names Project forum. Included are five files:

1.) descr_names.txt
2.) names.txt
3.) descr_strat.txt (modified only so that starting characters receive correct names)
4.) descr_names_lookup.txt (this file is provided for modders; it does not need to be installed for the modified names to work)
5.) expanded.txt. (optional but recommended - to give factions Royal Titles in their native language)
6.) campaign_script.txt


Copy these files into the following directories:

I.) Copy the descr_names.txt into your "M2TW/mods/americas/data" folder.

II.) Copy the names.txt and names.txt.strings into the "M2TW/mods/americas/data/text" folder.

[NOTE: You will have to create the "text" folder inside your "data" folder and then copy the names.txt file into the "text" folder.]

III.) Copy expanded.txt and expanded.txt.strings into same the "M2TW/mods/americas/data/text"

IV.) Copy the descr_strat.txt and campaign_script.txt into your "M2TW/mods/americas/data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign" folder. [NOTE: make sure to create a backup of your original descr_strat.txt and campaign_script files!]

V.) After copying these files into the correct folders, create a batch file in the "medieval" folder with the following single line of text: "kingdoms.exe --features.mod=mods/americas --io.file_first". Save the batch and use it to start the game.


To uninstall, simply delete the three files you added, and rename your
backup of the descr_strat.txt to descr_strat.txt. Then delete the batch you created for this mod.

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