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Ultimate Battle AI by GrandViZ
Version 1.2 (requires Official Patch 1.2 or better)


Thanks to all the users for their valuable feedback, that helped to improve this version!


Fixed issues
- Passive AI, that does not attack, although it is outgunned in regard to ranged units
- Responsiveness of units to move and formation changes orders: decreased the delay significantly
- Siege AI will no longer line up its forces in front of a settlement

Open field battles
- Skirmish behavior of ranged units is more tolerant against nearby enemy units, resulting in less back and forth movement and more effective shooting time
- Reduced requirements for outflanking movements, so AI cavalry will flank more
- Better formation cohesion *NEW*

Siege battles
- AI will defend wall positions longer, before retreating to the center
- Reduced the threat level of siege engines, and at the same time increased the threat level of enemy units
- Idle AI units should be less frequent
- Improved assault AI

- New projectile values for ranged and artillery units
- Mass values for different artillery projectiles have been balanced according to available historical sources, however it was necessary to introduce some abstraction in regard to game balance
- New differentiated arrow model by Point Blank *NEW*
- Improved projectile effects by Point Blank *NEW*
- Gates, walls and towers get more hitpoints with every upgrade level: higher level castles will require heavy siege equipment

AI Formations
- New AI formations for settlement assault and defense
- Six new AI formations for open field battles
Recommended EDU.txt

Includes latest EDU.txt from the Real Combat Mod by Point Blank
RealCombat 1.3 Battle Mechanics

RealCombat 1.3 is complete and available for download. RC 1.3 includes many changes to improve realism and balance, and is most significant update to the mod since RC 1.1. It will also hopefully be the final one before the M2TW: Kingdoms expansion, for which there will also be a RC conversion.

RC is an attempt to create a more realistic M2TW combat experience via the modification of a number of crucial stats for all units, using a consistent and detailed framework.

Please read the accompanying 13-page guide to gain a better understanding of what this means and how it has been done.

RealCombat Features
Some RC features include:
Armor System
-armor values derived from actual forces required to penetrate different armor types
-heavier armors significantly more effective
-variety of shield types, some of which alter defense, eg smaller buckler is effective in melee but less versus missile fire

Weapon System
-attack values derived from actual forces generated at weapon impact, for both melee and missile weapons
-42 weapons modelled in all
-defense values derived from usefulness of the weapon in parrying or blocking, ranging from swords (best) to 2H axes (worst)
-weapon attack speeds favour balanced weapons such as swords, heavier AP-type weapons with mass at striking end take more time between attacks
-weapon special attributes re-worked
-more complete treatment of polearms - types, attacks, defenses, speeds and anti-cavalry and phalanx bonuses
-more complete treatment of crossbows as they evolved over period covered by game
-weapons generally overmatched by increasingly strong armors, leading to much greater use of polearms, crossbows etc
-all weapons balanced for animations
-extensive balance testing overall
-improved treatment of pikes and polearm phalanxes

Unit Class System
-five unit classes: Peasant, Militia, Average, Quality and Elite
-each gives bonuses or penalties to attack, defense, attack speed, missile accuracy, cost and the usual morale etc

Unit Type System
-four unit types: Foot Melee, Mounted Melee, Foot Missile, Mounted Missile
-each further modifies attack, defense, attack speed, missile accuracy and cost
-leads to total of 20 Unit Class/Type combinations, each with unique bonuses and penalties

Mounted Combat
-horse armors now have effect vs missile fire and in melee
-variety of lance styles alter charge bonuses, from early/light lance used by Mailed Knights through to extra heavy lance used by late units such as Lancers
-non-couched spears have reduced charge bonuses compared to couched lances
-horse mass values updated
-heavy mounted units now very effective in melee
-mounted archers suffer accuracy penalty depending upon weapon used

Missile Combat
-complete re-work of all missile accuracies
-all accuracies altered by unit class, ie peasant archers are out-shot by elite archers
-higher class archers cause more damage due to heavier draw poundages, opposite for low class
-ranges at which effective fire can be delivered altered by unit class
-crossbows and firearms suffer less and gain less from use by low and high class units
-shooting times altered by weapon type and sometimes unit class
-ammo loads altered
-weapon velocities, impact masses, usability in rain and direct/indirect fire capabilities altered for realism
-artillery stats altered for realism

Cost Model
-unit recruitment costs and upkeep costs derived from actual medieval sources
-cost calculations include as factors: armor type, mount type and armor, training cost, wage, unit type, unit class, weapon type, training and discipline level and other factors

-all stat values balanced for animations
-some units use re-assigned animations more appropriate to their weapon type
-improved unit cohesion

-Special units eg Forlorn Hope and Hashishim re-worked
-Generals' stats and costs re-worked
-cavalry unit sizes reduced by 25% for better balance and more tactical gameplay
-extensive input and overall testing by community
-13 page guide included so users can generate their own units
-there will be a RC Kingdoms conversion and all units will be balanced between that and Grand Campaign
-and more!

Copy the contents of the 'data' folder to the M2TW data folder or your mod's data folder. Make sure you are running the game with --io.file_first if in the M2TW/data folder.

In the data folder:
-Sorry, no more support of 2HP generals and special units. Especially with generals stats bonuses and the new effects of horse armor, they are just way too powerful with 2HP. Other special units have been given additional bonuses to compensate
-If you are using Burrek's units mod, copy the contents of the burrek_units.txt to export_descr_units.txt
-If you are using Dismounted Knights mod, copy the contents of the Dismounted_Knights.txt to export_descr_units.txt

RC also includes Serious Samurai's polearm mod which gives the English bill (polearm) units a much more historically accurate 8 foot billhook, and some much-needed anti-cavalry power. Thankyou SS
It also includes some other files which improve the look of smoke, muzzle flashes, explosions etc. That work was not mine but obtained from the 'Projectiles effects modification' available for download from TWC.

The files belong in the ../M2TW/ultimateAI/data folder, or respectively in the data folder of your favourite mod.

If you want to use the files with the vanilla game, you have to put the files into the M2TW/data folder and start the game with the
-io.file_first option.

Herefore open your medieval2.preference.cfg and add the lines
file_first = true

Note also, that not all mods support the included EDU.txt, in this case use only the other files.

Permission of Use
This mod is for personal use only. An integration into other mods requires my explicit permission.

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