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Author: Zephrelial


-Comes with an easy installer.
-Does not overwrite any vanilla folders or interfere with other mods.
-Uses a modified version of the vanilla map with 7 additianal regions.
-Uses the vanilla map with changes to region distribution according to a medieval historical map.
-6 new factions:Caliphate of the Abbasids,Shahdom of Khwarezm,Kingdom of Jerusalem ,The Teutonic Order,Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Principality of Wallachia.
-Features an "optional" folder where players are able to make certain preferances like "undestroyable factions" "passive milan" "destroyable papal states"
-Eras system that enables the appering of the units according to Early,High and Late periods of the medieval age.
-Mongols optionally made playable with functioning Paganism,mongolian accent,campaign descriptions,added missing units,campaign goals.
-Functioning like the other religions,Paganism is introduced with Romuva priests and Dievas Temples for Lithuania and with Altar of Sudbeth and shamans for the Mongols.
-Remake of the Battle of Tannenberg,featuring all the sides of the historical battle Teutonic Order,Poland and Lithuania all made playable.
-Historical and Realistic region names instead of city names.
-Professional and Militia soldiers battle uniform distinction for HRE,England and France.
-Tweaked economical system which enables the factions to be richer.
-Recruitable generals of both Early and Late versions available from citadels.
-Historical and famous faction leaders for the new factions.
-Patriarch for the Orthodox factions,Russian bishops have the chance to be Patriarch provided they have the piety level of 7 at least.
-New guild order of the Dragon for HRE that enables the unit Dragon Knights.
-New factions have their own units,campaign descriptions,banners,campaign models,textures etc.
-New princesses for Islamic factions with their own portraits and campaign models.
-Includes Blood Broads and Bastards mod v2.0
-5 new exclusive to the faction Teutonic Order ranks,titles.

CAE v1.3


-Mod's first phase is completed with the release of v1.3
-New playable faction: Caliphate of Abbasids.
-Totally newly modeled Teutonic Knights with winged helmets resembles of the upcoming Teutonic Knights of Kingdoms Expansion Pack by SpaceUnion.
-3 originated from the mounted versions of Hospitaller,Teutonic+Templar dismounted Knights models added for Jerusalem.
-7 new regions/settlements created by kb8. ( such as Ascalon,Tyre,Minsk,Tabriz)
-Kwarizmians have been relocated to Tabriz.
-New Jerusalem logo and symbol by Bdotward.
-The Abbasid Caliph is 100 percent historically accurate: Al Muktadi
-7 new units for the Lithuanian faction complete with unit cards,textures..
Ex. Raiti Akstininkai,Arbalateninkai,Bajoras.
-Undestroyable factions feature added for the mod ( optional)
-Optional file enrichened by new preferences such as destroyable papal states,undestroyable factions(that were chosen according to their
historical reigning times) and passive milan.See the Optional file read me for details.
-Code added to the medieval2.preferance.cfg file for the player to efficiently and fully quote or report the CTD logs.

CAE v1.2


-Missing Kwarizmian texture that had been causing CTD when playing campaign and threw you to desktop when Khwarezm enters battle had been added.
-Fixed the alpha channels of Teutonic small logo appearing at Custom Battles,so that now the logo appears correctly.
-Strange Turkish captain that seems to stand over the city of Erevan that was causing campaign instability and risk of CTD had been fixed.
-Passive Milan on Campaign with and without Mongols version had been added to the Optional folder.

Optional Additions:

-These additions consists of Mongols being playable and The Teutonic Order's faction system is arranged according to historical military order attribute,their family tree and princess had been disabled.
-For learning how to use optional additions,after installing CAE v1.2 please read the OptionalAdditions.txt file in the folder named "Optional" located in your Programfiles/SEGA/Medieval II directory.
-Mongols made playable.
-Mongols start at the city of Sarkel,Caspian region.The faction selection map is repainted to higlight the Mongols territory in the Grand campaign faction selection screen.
-Mongol Paganism is introduced,and functioning correctly,altar of Sudbeth temple and shamans are added to the faction.
-The missing Mongolian units from Grand Campaignismounted Archers,Dismounted Light Lancers and Dismounted Heavy Lancers have been added to their appropriate recruitment buildings.
-Campaign description,victory conditions,map tga,modified special unit picture had been added to the Mongols.
-Composite bow's range of the Mongolian horsearcher units have been slightly increased.
-Missing mongolian accent when Mongols are made playable have been successfully implemented in sounds.
-Teutonic Order's faction continuation had been changed,family tree and princess disabled to emphasize their militaristic order role and achieve better historical accuracy.


-Campaign map had been rearranged according to a historical medieval map.16 rebel provinces are distributed among their 7 rightful owners:HRE,France,England,Turks,Byzantine Empire,Moors and Russia.
-Some factions starting powers had been tweaked.Ex.France starts at the power level of Very Weak starts at Average.
-Faction names have been changed,their status is specified Ex.Kingdom of England,instead of England,Almoravids instead of Moors.
-Misplaced vanilla portraits have been fixed to their previous,vanilla versions.
-The following Kwarizmian units have been retextured to fit the colour scheme of the faction:
Town Militia,Spear Militia,Ghaznavid Javelinmen,Iranian Archers,Turkomans,Royal Kwarizmian,Kwarizmian Heavy Lancers,Kwarizmian Captain and Kwarizmian General.
-New unit cards for the Kwarizmian units Turkomans,Spear Militia,Town Militia and Afghan Militia.
-3 sets of Wallachian shields based on historical colours and coat of Arms of Wallachia had been added for the following units:Boiars,Oltenian Archers,Fagarash Knights,Carpathian Cavaliers.
-All of the HorseArcher units in the game have been tweaked.Now the following units are more versatile horsearchers than the rest of the factions horsearchers(based on historical referances and fame): Mongols,Turkomans,Magyars,Kypchaks,Kazaks,Cumans.
-Poorly performing and underrated high and late period units of HRE had been boosted and now performs fine,not just eye-candyismounted Imperial Knights,Imperial Knights,ZweiHander,Forlorn Hope and Dismounted Gothic Knights.
-The missing campaign music themes of Lithuania,Wallachia and Khwarezm had been added.
-Missing islamic Princess voices had been added.
-Crossbow Militia of the Teutonic Order not being able to be recruited anymore,once the highest level of militia barrack tech-tree level is reached,had been fixed.
-Wallachian reproduction problem had been fixed.

-Remake of the historical Battle of Tannenberg.
-There are 3 sides at the battle Teutonic Order vs Poland+Lithuania
-All 3 sides are made playable,Teutonic Roster had been used for the battle.
-5 new Teutonic Order ranks and titles that give bonuses to variety of attributes:
-2 new units for the Teutonic Order:
Mercenary German Crossbowmen
Teutonic City Guard
-The name of the castle of Teutonic Order had been changed from "Thorn" to "Marienburg".
-New Teutonic Horse barding and Mailed horse designs for Teutons.
-New shields for the dismounted and mounted knight-based teuton units.
-All the names of the Grandmasters between the years 1190-1525 added to the Teutonic Order name list.
-Now Grand Duchy of Lithuania is able to build pagan priests and pagan Temples;convert and spread paganism.
-Blood Broads and Bastards mod v2.0 is implemented.
-The infamous Patriarch bug that causes the Cardinals to have patriarch trait had been fixed.


-2 playable new factions had been added.Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Principality of Wallachia.
-Principality of Wallachia(Orthodox) starts at the Wallachia region in the city of Tirgoviste.
-Grand Duchy of Lithuania(Pagan) starts at Lithuania region,at the Castle of Vilnius.
-New units for Principality of Wallachia,mass producing NUS(National Unit System) introduced for Lithuania.
-Whole set of historically accurate and realistic names,surnames,for Wallachia.(Sir Paladin+me)
-Faction accents of the new factions are set as followed:

Teutonic Order:German
Kingdom of Jerusalem:French
Shahdom of Khwarezm:Arabic
Principality of Wallachia:Eastern European
Grand Duchy of Lithuania:Eastern European

-Default faction relations with eachother had been rearranged.
-All of the map tga's in the faction selection screen had been repainted,Jerusalem highlighting starting position fixed.
-The flags that appears as saxon,hre and norman flags over cities+castles when they are empty are
changed to Teutonic,Kwarizmian and Jerusalem respectively.
-The bug related with banners of units not flashing white when routing for the factions Jerusalem,Kwarezm and Teutonic Order had been fixed.
-Bug related with the Jerusalem ship Carrack seemed as peasant info tga and unitcard is fixed.

--The CTD occuring while entering battlemap when attacking settlements or units,with factions Jerusalem and Teutonic Order is fixed.
-The long term campaign CTD crashes are fixed,by arranging full compaitibility according to patch v1.2 in terms of DS.


-Now CAE has its own mod folder,doesn't interfere with other mods and does not overwrite the vanilla files.
-CAE splash screen added to the mod.
-Dismounted Crusader Knights and Crusader Knights units of the Jerusalem faction being unable to be recruited in Grand Campaign mod is fixed.
-Teutonic Order's weak economy which makes the faction hard to play with is tweaked.
-Teutonic Bodyguard unit is redefined,Teutonic Shields added to them.
-Early and Late Bodyguard unitcard pictures of the early and late versions of Teutonic Order is replaced with new unitcards that represents Teutonic Order instead of HRE.
-The skeleton based problem which causes the Islamic Princesses to move and make gestures like diplomats is fixed.
-The shadow appearing behind of Dragon Knights unitcard picture is fixed.(by Eze)


-The Major CTD(crash to desktop) that occurs after the year 1370 due to a mistake in campaign script mistake is fixed.
-The Kwarizmian unit "Arab Swordsmen" are retextured according to the Kwarizmian colours.

-The corrupted assumed video settings and battlesettings changed to default.
-Patriarch and the left out ships had been added.
-Mod compatibility achieved with the official patch v1.2.
-All the units are based on patch v1.2 now not to alter the patch's changes.
-The conflict about fixing of Venetian Heavy Infantry of CA in patch v1.2 and CAE mod is fixed.
-Fixed remaining bug/s regarding the CTD occur sometimes when entering battles.

-Fixed the CTD related with certain faction units sometimes occuring when entering battle.
-New unit added to Egypt:"Dismounted Mamluk Archers"

0.93 EXTRAS:

-Added another unit to the Teutonic Order faction "Dobryzn Lancers"
-Vanilla Venetian Heavy Infantry armour related Bug fixed.
-Redifined the Prussian Retainers in terms of abilities,textures,shield textures,unitcard,unit info tgas.
-Added the missing text descriptions for Immortals.
-Updated the unit info tga picture of Immortals.
-Fixed all the name-related bugs.


In this version I basically fixed all the annoying mercenary unit related bugs mainly regarding the Teutonic Order units.And also added missing vanilla armour upgrade system for the faction The Teutonic Order.

-Fixed bug regarding units of Prussian Retainers,Imperial Longbowmen,German Knights,Dismounted German Knights,Teutonic Raiders,Dismounted Teutonic Knights appearing as mercenary units without unitcards and textures.
-Fixed bug regarding units of the faction the Kingdom of Jerusalem: Crusader Knights,Dismounted Crusader Knights is seen by mercenary units and their unique unitcards reserved for the Kingdom of Jerusalem are overwritten by the vanilla ones.
-Imperial longbowmen added also to HRE with unique unitcard different from the Teutonic Order's imperial longbowmen.
-Added armour upgrades for most of the units of the Teutonic Order.

-Professional and Militia soldiers discrimination based on armour types textures light mail,heavy mail,partial plate,padded for certain units are doubled by using both the vanilla and burrek's textures.
-Discrimination valid for HRE,France and England.
-Now the player is able to determine whether the unit is militia based or professional by their uniforms on the battlefield.(eg. spear militia w/heavy mail and armored sergeants w/heavy mail,now they have different uniforms.)
-Trade value of resources had been increased.Now the mines is an excellent asset and a target for conquest in order to improve the economy.
-Mongol Bodyguard of the Timurids is refidefined as Timurid Bodyguard.
-Khwarezm Princess Shirvezi added to Kwarezm faction.
-Immortals textures added to Khwarezm.
-Khwarezm faction special unit tga added to campaign selection.


--Fixed CTD when using English levy Spermen when entering battle.
-Fixed Major CTD when entering battle with Timurids.
-Khwarezm Princess Shirvezi added to Kwarezm faction.
-Khwarezm special unit tga added.
-Bodyguard unit of Timurids is refidefined as "Timurid Bodyguard" instead of Mongol Bodyguard.
-Removed the culture type "Mongolian" which may cause bugs.
-Fixed CTD when using "immortals" unit in battle.
-Fixed CTD when using "Royal Banderium" unit of Hungary faction.
-Added Immortals texture.
-Fixed Missing textures of the Khwarezm Grand Bombard unit.
-Fixed Khwarezm diplomat campaign model appearing as timurid diplomat.
-Fixed Turkish Bodyguard unit being Khwarezmian cavalry after recruitment of a new general from citadel.
-Fixed Teutonic Raiders as mercenaries,their unitcards and textures being missing.
-Fixed Crusader Knights and dismounted crusader knights unitcards and textures being missing during crusade recruitment.
-Fixed Khwarezm faction's War Elephants units being unable to be recruited.
-Mongols appearing as Europeans.(portraits+buildings)
-Fixes Reduced movement points of factions Shahdom of Khwarezm and Kingdom of Jerusalem.
-Adds Missing captain portraits in the battle auto-resolve screen.
-Added extra captain unitcard to ensure that the bug is 100% solved.
-Adds unique Kwarizmian diplomat,spy,imam and merchant strat models.
-Adds missing imam,merchant,diplomat etc. tgas.
-Removes pink princess models from map.


Before installing the mod make sure you have the patch v1.02 installed.And delete any folders related to a previous installation of previous versions of CAE.After downloading simply run the installer and it will install the CAE into your computer.To run the mod double click on the CAE icon on your desktop.


-Cenk Tunca
-Zhumin 1978
-Raven DarkWing


SpaceUnion- For making the model of Teutonic Knights and making it possible,which I had in mind all along...

Everyone who encouraged me all the time about making good mods and for their support.
Halie Satanus- who granted the mod a subforum also persuaded me not to quit modding,but to take a break.
Lusted- for being always helpful to me and enlightening me about many things
Hader- for showing great vigilancy and quickness about enforcing the permissions.
Renaissance mod Team-for their sensitivity and respect to permissions and their proffessional working behaviours.
Rob the Celt-for his understanding and respect to other people's work.
Alpaca-for his excellent tools sd.converter and strings .bin converter
Tsar Stefan IV- for his magnificient tutorial about the alpha channels of the strat banners.
Sicilian Vespers-for helping me out when my need was dire about the new faction logos.
SirPaladin-For his help on the Wallachian faction.As well as the contribution of the Wallachian logo.
EzE-For fixing the shadow(alpha channel) of the unitcard of Dragon Knights.
Ieuano-For the images of Teutonic ancillaries,and teutonic ranks+titles
Kb8-For the regions he added.
Bdotward- For his exquisite Jerusalem symbol design


This mod is registered at TWC under the permission type: Personal Use Only and can not take place in other mods along with its registered sub-mods:
Shahdom of Khwarezm,The Teutonic Order,Kingdom of Jerusalem,Orthodox Patriarch,Eras and General,
Eastern Princess and Order of the Dragon mods.

The first phase of the mod is completed with the release of the v1.3.

For CTD and Bug reports please visit the thread:

For your comments and feedback on the mod please visit the thread:

The Eagle Standart Interview about CAE can be found here:
-Added the Shields of Kwarizmian unit: "Immortals"

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