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RealCombat Teutonic Campaign Conversion

The RealCombat conversion of the Kingdoms Teutonic Campaign is complete and available for download.

RC is an attempt to create a more realistic M2TW combat experience via the modification of a number of crucial stats for all units, using a consistent and detailed framework.

RealCombat Features
Some RC features include:
Armor System
-armor values derived from actual forces required to penetrate different armor types
-heavier armors significantly more effective
-variety of shield types, some of which alter defense, eg smaller buckler is effective in melee but less versus missile fire

Weapon System
-attack values derived from actual forces generated at weapon impact, for both melee and missile weapons
-42 weapons modelled in all
-defense values derived from usefulness of the weapon in parrying or blocking, ranging from swords (best) to 2H axes (worst)
-weapon attack speeds favour balanced weapons such as swords, heavier AP-type weapons with mass at striking end take more time between attacks
-weapon special attributes re-worked
-more complete treatment of polearms - types, attacks, defenses, speeds and anti-cavalry and phalanx bonuses
-more complete treatment of crossbows as they evolved over period covered by game
-weapons generally overmatched by increasingly strong armors, leading to much greater use of polearms, crossbows etc
-all weapons balanced for animations
-extensive balance testing overall
-improved treatment of pikes and polearm phalanxes

Unit Class System
-five unit classes: Peasant, Militia, Average, Quality and Elite
-each gives bonuses or penalties to attack, defense, attack speed, missile accuracy, cost and the usual morale etc

Unit Type System
-four unit types: Foot Melee, Mounted Melee, Foot Missile, Mounted Missile
-each further modifies attack, defense, attack speed, missile accuracy and cost
-leads to total of 20 Unit Class/Type combinations, each with unique bonuses and penalties

Mounted Combat
-horse armors now have effect vs missile fire and in melee
-variety of lance styles alter charge bonuses, from early/light lance used by Mailed Knights through to extra heavy lance used by late units such as Lancers
-non-couched spears have reduced charge bonuses compared to couched lances
-horse mass values updated
-heavy mounted units now very effective in melee
-mounted archers suffer accuracy penalty depending upon weapon used

Missile Combat
-complete re-work of all missile accuracies
-all accuracies altered by unit class, ie peasant archers are out-shot by elite archers
-higher class archers cause more damage due to heavier draw poundages, opposite for low class
-ranges at which effective fire can be delivered altered by unit class
-crossbows and firearms suffer less and gain less from use by low and high class units
-shooting times altered by weapon type and sometimes unit class
-ammo loads altered
-weapon velocities, impact masses, usability in rain and direct/indirect fire capabilities altered for realism
-artillery stats altered for realism

Cost Model
-unit recruitment costs and upkeep costs derived from actual medieval sources
-cost calculations include as factors: armor type, mount type and armor, training cost, wage, unit type, unit class, weapon type, training and discipline level and other factors

-all stat values balanced for animations
-some units use re-assigned animations more appropriate to their weapon type
-improved unit cohesion

1. Copy the contents of the data folder in the download to your C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\teutonic\data directory
2. Go to the Teutonic Campaign on the desktop. Right-click and select properties. Click on the 'shortcut' tab. Paste the following text into the 'Target' box:
"C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\kingdoms.exe" --io.file_first --features.mod=mods/teutonic

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