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Author: Klink

Featuring a new map, and scripts aplenty, for Kingdoms.

This mod is a labour of love. Often frustrated by the AI of M2TW at various turns, I've tinkered with this custom campaign to create ideal terms for a decent challenge to the human player by the AI. I made this to challenge me, and I release it as such, as it may possibly be of some entertainment to others out there as well. Focus has been entirely on gameplay, and not on realism or historical precision.

The map is a circle, all factions starting in equal positions. Bored of the regular historical setup, I've endeavoured to place factions next to those they would hardly ever fight in vanilla. So as the Poles, you go up against the Timurids and the Venetians. As the Russians, you are next to France and The Papal States. And so forth. Refreshing. Rivers and bridges are eliminated, as are mountains, both of which can easily be used and abused to destroy thousands of AI soldiers with little effort of one's own.

Circles naturally includes my garrison script. It also includes numerous other scripts, all designed to balance a building strategy vs an attacking strategy. Since money is the only resource in the game, this is where focus has been laid. Following scripts are in place:

You are deducted 500 gold for each general abroad, and 1000 extra for every turn besieging, as in Deus Io Vult. Thanks for the idea, guys.

When you capture a settlement, you are deducted a decreasing amount of money each turn, depending on the level of the settlement, to simulate the process of assimilation of new provinces. In total, for each settlement:

Town: 1000 gold over 2 turns.
Large town and wooden castle: 4000 gold over 4 turns.
City and castle: 11000 gold over 6 turns.
Large city and fortress: 25000 gold over 8 turns.
Citadel: 45000 gold over 10 turns.
Huge city: 65000 gold over 12 turns.

To counter these expenses, trade improvements are actually worth it. More importantly, you can expand mines beyond the basic two levels, with significant income boosts for each level. This makes building a viable, if not necessary strategy. But no longer can you lurk behind your walls as the AI besieges them. To simulate damage by enemy armies roaming your lands, for each turn being besieged you are deducted a sum corresponding to the level of the settlement, as follows:

Town and wooden castle: 500 gold.
Large town and castle: 1000 gold.
Fortress: 1500 gold.
City and citadel: 2000 gold.
Large city: 3000 gold.
Huge city: 4000 gold.

As one can see, the numbers are halved level-wise for castles, making frontier castles useful for a siege defense strategy, should one be so inclined. Also, the deductions happen at the end of your own turn, so if you can chase away the besieging army before then, you save your money. To this end, and to avoid the poor sally defense AI, each time you are besieged a tiny band of peasants loyal to your faction is spawned next to the settlement. I encourage you to use this unit to attack the enemy, rather than sallying out, but of course I can't stop you doing so.

My army spam script is also included, but hardly necessary, since increased recruitment slots in castles has the AI using its money with ease. Finally, a money script gives money to the AI every turn, increasing the amount every 20 turns, up to and including the 140th, where it will remain for the rest of the campaign.

The unit roster is based on Unspoken Knight's Retrofit mod, with some significant changes. First of all, mid-to-top level cavalry is far more powerful now, but rarer and more expensive, making a frontal cavalry charge a satisfying if expensive spectacle. Also, a number of top level units from each faction have had their stats boosted, and their price as well. This makes late-period armies very effective vis-a-vis early period armies, creating an actual technology gap.


Unpack the rar file into the "mods" directory created by Kingdoms, and run the mod by executing the medieval2_circles.bat file in the circles directory.

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