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In order to change the sprites for the US units

COPY/pass the files from the folder unit_sprites inside the archive into your C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\americas\data\unit_sprites

than go to your modeldb C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\americas\data\unit_models

open with notepad
there are 3 entries to change

1 search for entry " ne_serpentine_crew "
change EXACTLY the line :"43 unit_sprites/spain_Dummy_NE_Crew_sprite.spr" for "45 unit_sprites/US_ne_serpentine_crew_sprite.spr"

2 search entry US_Cavalry
change EXACTLY the line "45 unit_sprites/spain_Spanish_Dragoon_sprite.spr" for "34 unit_sprites/US_cavalry_sprite.spr"

3 search entry US_Infantry
change EXACTLY the line "48 unit_sprites/apachean_American_Gunner_sprite.spr" for "35 unit_sprites/US_infantry_sprite.spr"

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