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Author: JoeDreck

King's Banner 3.0

- Special Units;

Knights of
du Bar,

Byzantine Palace Guard,
Teutonic soldiers (Crossbowmen, Helbardmen, Swordmen)

This special units are recruitable in special cities/castles and are rare.

- Order Knights;

Poland, Hungary: Knights of Miechowici
France: Knights Templar, Veteran Knights Templar
Venice, Milan: Knights of Malta
England, Scotland, Denmark, Sicily: Knights Hospitaller, Veteran Knights Hospitaller
HRE: Knights of Komtur Grudenc, Braunsberg, Marienburg (with 2 new teutonic helmets)

- New Units;

-Light Swordmen: recuitable in the early period in castles (hre, france, england, scotland, denmark, poland, hungary, sicily, venice, milan, spain, portugal)
-Swordmen: recuitable in the middle period in cities (hre, france, england, milan, venice, sicily. get a special one: poland, hungary)
-Heavy Mailed Knight: recuitable in the early period in castles (hre, england, france, denmark, milan, venice, sicily, portugal, spain, scotland)
-Mazowiak (poland)
-Pronoia Infantry, Light Infantrymen, Byzantine Spearmen (byzantine)

-Generals, Heirs & Kings;

I add for some factions new models for this units, which pass on if this character die.

Generals: spain, hre, england, venice, france, byzantine
Heirs: spain, hre, england, france,
Kings: spain, hre, england, france, byzantine, venice

-Shields, Banners, Textures;

Some of the units have special banners, which are only for them. Examples: Templar, Teutonic order (3 different), special units

- over 500 shield textures (min 200 made by Salty for our mod Art of War).
The heraldic symbols are from historical sources.
- over 140 banners. Some of them are retextured with a material texture
The heraldic symbols are from historical sources.
- the units get the burreks textures and some are my design.


Weapons add to units in follow categories

- Axe, Warhammer, Sword, Mace
- Twohander-Axe, Bill, Poleaxe, Berdiche (on the pic)
- Hellebard, Voulge, Swordstaff

-Ancillaries (retinue);

-adds over 140 new pics for the retinue
-no doubble pics for the ancs and the arabic got their own pics
-every faction got their own crown (the arabic get a special symbol)
-every faction got their own king's banner

-on the Map/Battle Map

-add new Provinces (St Austell, Norwich, Burgos, Koeln, Radom, Gniezno, Orleans, Ripen, Allborg, Lund, Bryno, Marienburg, Lagos, Oporto)
-more Rebels inside the Rebel settlements
-change the settlement managment. the cities don't grow so fast
-the buildings are more expensive and have longer building time
-the agents (spy and assassin) are limited
-to recruit mounted-, foot-troops you need to build stables or barracks
-ai get money to be stronger
-new ressources: salt, tar, honey, hemp, dogs
-some new unit cards (archer, crossbowmen...)
-new city look for england, south europe and teutonic regions
-new recruiment system: change the numer of recuitable units
-the upgrades for the units are more expencive
-archers and crossbowmen get stronger missile (+1)

many more little things...

Thanks to:
Unspoken Knight for his Retrofit mod
Salty for the Denmark color changes and Italien shields (Frankfurt rules)
Burrek's Mod for his textures
riczu74 for his siege and trading minimod

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