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Author: uanime5

In this mod 6 fantasy factions do battle for dominance of a fantasy world.


* Magic: there are 4 magic types; fire, earth, wind, and plague magic. Fire magic can burn siege equipement and plague magic makes other units ill. If I could add water magic I could make an Avatar mod.
* Castles and cities have been merged. Large and huge cities now become Fortresses and Citadels, respectively.
* Undead: undead units will never rout though they are weaker than their living counterparts.
* New units: this mod now contains new units from the Santa Invasion and Blue Lotus (RTW) mods.

Animositans (Blue)

* Based on the Aztecs, with some Blue Lotus units and my undead units
* Advantages: undead, great unit diversity, and earth magic
* Faction Goal: conquer the Titanocene dicarbonyl and Veneficus Empire

Furries Jaguar Warriors, Boar Spearmen, Bear Warriors (last two are from Blue Lotus)

The Holy Empire of Lignarius (White)

* Based on the Papal States
* Advantages: knights that can use fire and air magic
* Faction Goal: to defeat the Veneficus Empire and Animositans

Knights of the Holy Annunciation, Dragon, and Seraphim.

Mamluk Dynasty (Yellow)

* Based on the Egyptians with a Blue Lotus unit
* Advantages: air magic cavalry (non-flying)
* Faction Goal: to conquer the Animositans and the Titanocene dicarbonyl

Mamluks, Saiva, Royal Mamluks (Saiva are from Blue Lotus)

Santa's Kingdom (Red)

* Based on the Santa faction from the Santa Invasion mod
* Advantages: technology and snowmen
* Faction Goal: to conquer the Titanocene dicarbonyl, Holy Empire of Lignarius, and Veneficus Empire

Santa (Santa Invasion)

Snowmen (Santa Invasion)

Titanocene dicarbonyl (Purple)

* Based on my Titanocene faction
* Advantages: most powerful units in this mod.
* Faction Goals: to conquer all the cities and destroy Santa's Kingdom, the Animositans, and the Mamluk Dynasty

Titanocene soldiers burn samurai

Veneficus Empire (Black)

* Based on my Mythological faction, with some Blue Lotus units
* Advantages: summon demons and mages can use fire, earth, wind, and plague magic.
* Faction Goal: to defeat the Animositans and The Holy Empire of Lignarius

Wang Lian, Sohei (human), Noh Demons from Blue Lotus

Red and Green Dragons (based on Blue Lotus units)

Tempest, Pestilent, Pyro, and Terra mages with their masters (based on Blue Lotus units)

Magic (the fire magic is clearly visable)

This mod also requires the offical 1.2 patch for M2TW

0) Download this mod (4 seasons lite 2.0.7z) and unpack it using 7zip (

1) Go to the Medieval II Total War directory (default is C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War).

2) Copy and paste the seasons.bat, seasons.cfg, and 'seasons' folder into the Medieval II Total War directory (default location 'C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War'). These files form most of the mod.

3) Copy and paste the 'data' folder in the 'seasons lite' folder into the Medieval II Total War directory, you will be asked if you wish to overwrite the vanilla 'data' folder, click yes. This will add the and into the 'Medieval II Total War\data\ui' folder.

If these files are not put in the correct folder the mod will not display correctly. However if other mods need their own and these files may prevent them working. If you other mods do not display correctly try deleting these files (there's a spare copy of them in the 'Medieval II Total War\seasons\data\ui' folder).

4) To play this mod double click on the 'seasons.bat' file and select the campaign you want to play.

5) To make the 'seasons.bat' file into a destop shortcut right click on it, select 'Send To' on the pop-up menu, then select 'Desktop (create shortcut)'.

Additional Files
If the sound does not work copy the 'Medieval II Total War/data/sound' folder to the 'seasons/data' folder.

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