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Author: Magus

(medeival combat is extra dirty, and a little snowy and sandy too)
Features for 2.5
- Implemented SNOW and SAND overlay textures that are only applied when the soldiers are in that specific climate.
- made the blood a little bit lighter
-slightly altered the mud overlays so the second level is toned down a bit.
(maybe more but I forgot)
Features for 2.0
- Completley redone Hi-Res Textures, so you can see the drips and splats alot better
- Dirt and blood no longer has that 'pixelated effect' on the previous version.
- The rate at which soldiers get dirty has been altered so at the start of combat they are
releteviley clean, while further in to battle the muck and blood starts to cake on.
Note: (Soldiers riding horses appear to get a little dirtier than soldiers on the ground)
- redone the graphics and physics for the blood spurts when a soldier is hit by
an arrow.

Features 1.0 :
-All new blood and dirt textures for your grim pleasure.
-The blood is a deeper, richer red color that will make your cringe.
-Blood and dirt now appear to splatter and drip off of the soldiers.
-Mud and dirt will muck up your soldier's boots, shields and helmets.
-Completley compatible with every mod
simply drop all the included files into the /data folder of the mod of your choice and let it overwrite!

ME! Magus
Please feel free to use in your mod, just give me credit for my work and I won't breaka u face.

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