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Author: AlphaDelta

"For King or Country" is a mod for Medieval 2: Total War that depicts the English civil wars. There are two factions; the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. The map is detailed and accurate for the time period. There are twelve historical commanders fighting on each side, and all of them have custom portraits and traits. Both sides have a range of units from Musketeers to pikemen, dragoons to harqebusier cavalry. Each faction also has 6 unique recruitable regiments of foot. Each regiment has it's own banner, coat colour and commander.

The purpose of the mod is to simulate the first English civil war. The main aim is to accurately represent the two main factions, their leaders, their commanders and their armies. The mod aims to provide a unique battlefield experience by representing 17th century warfare, something that no M2:TW mod team has so far achieved.

The campaign map is unique in that rather than having 'regions' or 'provinces' there are historically accurate counties. Each county has a single settlement. Faction generals are accurately placed according to their historical location in 1642 and represented with custom portraits and regiments.

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The For King of Country focuses on the struggle between the two main factions involved in the English Civil War, Parliament and the Royalsits. Each factions has a roster comprising of pikemen, musketeers, artillery, dragoons and cavalry.

The mod aims to be historically accurate with 12 commanders of the war on each side. These include: Sir Thomas, Lord Fairfax, Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex for the Parliamentarians and King Charles I, Prince Rupert of the Rhine for the Royalists. A turn only represent one month, so it is not likely that sons will come of age, so you must keep you commanders alive. You can find information on the Parliamentarian commanders here, and for the Royalist commanders here.

There are over 50 historical events that occur throughout the course of the war, nearly one for every month. Some events will just be messages, others will affect the game, like the arrival of the Scottish Covenants and the New Model Army.

The map covers all of England, Wales and part of Scotland. It is as geographically correct as possible, split into 42 counties, each containing an accurately placed city or castle - without sacrificing gameplay. A preview can be found here.

Game Mechanics
The focus of For King or Country is to have two well balanced factions, each with units that follow the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" model for weaknesses and strengths. The basic makeup of armies of the time was pikemen, musketeers, calvary and artillery. Pikemen where good against calvary and other infantry in melee but weak against musket and cannon fire, due to their tight formations. While musketeers and artillery crews where suseptable to calvary charges.

The English Civil War was not a long war, and as such there will be 12 turns in a year, each representing one month. There is not a lot of focus on building an economy, or "teching up" but on how much support your faction has within each region. Support replaces religion from Medieval 2 - the reason being both factions where Protestant. There were of course a few exceptions. Using religion in For King or Country would be a waste of a feature. Instead the feature is used to represent 'Support'. Support for either Parliament or King. Every settlement will have a level of support for both sides and this level can be increased or decreased based upon the buildings made in that settlement and the governor that controls it.

The New Model Army
The New Model Army was the reformation of all the Parliamentarian regiments into an army. Upon refomation all soldiers where equiped with red coats because red dye was the cheapest dye available at the time. This was the origin of the English'red coat' soldier. In For King or Country once you get to January 1645, all of the old regiment units are no longer available to recruit. You will be able to recruit and retrain new model army musketeers, pikemen and dragoons everywhere. Whereas before 1645 you must recruit and retrain according to the militia ordinance.

Scottish Covenanters
The Scottish Covenanters will appear in the campaign. They are led by the Earl of Leven and David Leslie. In For King or Country, the covenanters will invade Northern England and attack Newcastle in January 1644.

Before installing patch 1.15, make sure you have installed patch 1.1

1) Open up the for_king_or_country_patch_1_15.exe file.
2) Select your main M2TW directory. (C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War)
3) Install For King or Country patch 1_15.
4) When prompted to over-write the old files, click YES.


* Campaign passivity - FIXED
* Silver colour clubmen officers - FIXED


* AI Governors less likely to rebel or die therefore keeping the settlment in faction hands.
* AI will sally forth much more often now.

For King or Country 1.15 requires that you have installed For King or Country already 1.1. It also requires Medieval 2: Total War, patched to 1.2 or 1.3. For King or Country team is not responsible for any problems arising from other installed mods or modification of the core vanilla data files.

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