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Author: Lord Condormanius

Here is a new unit for your enjoyment. The installation of this unit is manual, so if you don't know what you are careful and back everything up.

Download the .zip file and follow the instructions in the enclosed .txt file.


1. move the .mesh files (models) to the directory: data/unit_models/_units/en_lmail_hmail
2. Move the folder marked "units" (unit cards) to to data/ui
3. Copy and paste the information from the enclosed text files to the corresponding data files for your mod.
a. data/export_descr_units*
b. data/text/export_units**
c. data/battle_models***
4. You must increase the serialization number at the top of the battle_models file by 2.
5. You will need to add the recruitment entries for Dismounted Mailed Knights in the export_desrc_buidings file wherever you wish for them to be recruited.****
6. Enjoy your dismounted mailed knights.

Also, this model will use whichever skins that you are using for mailed knights by default. Those shown are the HRE skin based on Burrek's Knights and Knaves.

*If you do not have the Kingdoms expansion installed, delete the last line of this entry.
**Be sure to delete the file "data/text/export_units.strings.bin" after editing the .txt file.
***After adding the information for this unit, be sure to increasethe catalog number at the top of the file by 2.
****I have not provided this information. I suggest allowing them to be recruited in castles when Mailed Knights become available,.

--There are no unit information pics included with this unit. You can either wait for me to make them (which may take a while) or you can make them yourself.

Feel free to use these models in any publicly released mod with credit given to Lord Condormanius.

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