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Author: Boicote

1143 is a mod about Reconquista that focuses in Iberian Peninsula and North Africa, starting in 1143 and concluding in 1492.


- A completely new map with 46 conquerable regions (added two new regions in the version 1.1)

- Six playable factions:

Catholic factions: Kingdom of Portugal, Kingdom of Castile & Leon, Crown of Aragon, Kingdom of Navarre.

Moorish factions: the Almoravids and the Almohads.

- Two emergent factions: the Marinids and the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada

- A new religion: the Judaism. In the beginning of the game you are able to choose if you want to be tolerant to minor religions, such as the Judaism. According to your decision, you will have different benefits

- Several flags for Christian Kingdoms.

Portugal has 5 historical flags that will appear in certain years.

Navarre has 2 different flags. This Kingdom will change its flag in the beginning of the 13th century.

The Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Castile&Leon will change their flags according to theirs conquests. But note that only historical combinations are possible.

- Almost every city has 2 names: one in Arabic and the other in a Romanic language (Portuguese, Castilian or Catalan). The name will change according to the culture that rules the city.

- Royal titles in Portuguese, Catalan, Castilian and Basque.

- Added new titles for characters.

- Several rebel factions that will look like a “shadow faction”.

- New units – There are several new units in this mod, such as “Cavaleiros-Vilões”; “Besteiros do Conto”; “Navarrense Javelinmen”, “Lanceiros”, etc...
In the version 1.1 you can now recruit Mozarabs (Christians who adopted elements of Arabic language and culture).

The version 1.1 also includes new models for generals and swordsmen militias.

- Military Orders:

-Templars- available for all Christian factions until 1314
-Hospitalars- available for Aragon.
-Order of Avis- available for Portugal
-Order of Christ- available for Portugal after the suppression of the Templars
-Knights of Calatrava- available for Castile&Leon
-Order of Santiago- available for Castile&Leon and Portugal
-Order of Montesa- available for Aragon after the suppression of the Templars

- New resources (olive oil is one of them )

- new monetary unit: the DENARI.

- A brand new script that include some important events such as "the Suppression of the Templars", and missions such as "The second Crusade".

- New artificial intelligence


- solved the CTD that occurred when the Almohads took control of all Moorish settlements.
- Solved the CTD that happened when you conquer some navarrense and aragonese cities
- removed gunships from the beginning of the game
- fixed the win conditions when playing short campaigns.
- fixed the annoying corner in beaches.
- rebel captains and general will have the correct name, according to their location.
- Almohads now have the proper icons in the user interface
- fixed CTD that happened when fighting near Marrakesh
- added new sprites for several units

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