Mod: Third Age Total War 1.1b (Patch)
This mod by TW_King_Kong is a total conversion modification for Medieval II: Total War that brings you into the world of Middle-Earth. Features epic and strategically demanding battles with the armies of Middle-earth and there respective heroes, and more
  File Name: TATW_1.1b_Patch.exe     Author: Admin
  File Size: 384.21 MB   Files Added: 11,489
  Downloads: 17,009 (3 last week)   Author Downloads: 19,095,432 (27,801 last week)
  Posted: 19.05.2009   Supporters: n/a
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By ww2tank1 (SI Newbie) on May 19, 2009
this is for kingdoms not normal medieval 2
By spacemarine00 (I just got here) on Nov 22, 2010
do the downloaders actually work

Everytime I try and download this crap is doesn't, period. It skips it and says its finished. this sites downloading links are lame. To all who read this, find another site to downlaod the patches on
By jackfinn (I just got here) on Dec 22, 2010
when u download kingdoms how do u get the third age total war to play
By nomnomnom101 (I just got here) on Jan 15, 2011
it just says choose an item from the list when i click on campaign
By emr_6885 (I just got here) on Feb 14, 2011
all you do is after you download everything and have kingdoms installed then run the programs and then click on the ring icon and it should work. the first time I took my computer into bestbuy and paid to have them do it cause I had the same downloading problem. but this time in order to get the game on my new labtop, I did it myself and the downloads worked. if you truly love world war this game rocks I have beat it now as every fraction a few times thank you creators :)
By Devil21boby (SI Newbie) on Aug 23, 2011
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1. Install - Medieval II Total War

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5. Install - Medieval II - Patch 1.3

6. Crack - medieval2.exe

7. Install - Medieval 2 Total War - Kingdoms

8. Install - Medieval II Kingdoms - Patch 1.4

9. Install - Medieval II Kingdoms - Patch 1.5

10. Crack - kingdoms.exe

11. Install - Third Age - Total War

12. Install - Third Age - Total War 1.0 Part 1

13. Install - Third Age - Total War 1.0 Part 2

14. Install - Third Age - Total War 1.1

15. Install - Third Age - Total War 1.2

16. Install - Third Age - Total War 1.3

17. Install - Third Age - Total War 1.4

18. Install - Third Age - Total War Hotfix 1