Mod: Aztecs Playable Mod 0.75
A small mod to make the aztecs playable in the campaign.
You can also have ships if you open the save call "Aztecs&Ships".
  File Name: Aztecs Playable Mod     Author: zam570
  File Size: 414 KB   Files Added: 2
  Downloads: 4,952 (6 last week)   Author Downloads: 5,635 (7 last week)
  Posted: 01.09.2010   Supporters: 0 (+1 Add)
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By samsung12 (SI Newbie) on Apr 02, 2011
If I play other faction I can't travel through the sea for conqer Aztecs.I tried to do that in scripts only but it doesn't work.Could you or somebody plz make it if you can.I would be happy :).Thanks
By zam570 (SI Newbie) on May 30, 2011
Samsung12, could you e-mail me your problem with detail, such as, what faction you we're playing as and what ships you were using, and what turn it was?
If you could do this I would appreciate it greatly. My e-mail is I'll try to fix it but remember I'm only 14.
By gigglebox56795 (I just got here) on Jul 19, 2011
I dont get what I do after I download the mod. Can you explain it to me? It would be a lot of help. Thanks
By zam570 (SI Newbie) on Jul 20, 2011
If you have a Windows Operating System on your computer you go to the "Start Menu" and click "My Computer" you will see a icon that says something like "Local Disk C:" or that with a different letter. You will double click it (if you have more than one hard drive you will double click the first one). If you've never done anything like this there will be some kind of colored backgroud saying "These Folders are Hidden" or something similar. Look around until you find a line that says "Show Files". After this you will need to double click "Program Files" and you may have to do the same thing you did last time. After this you will find a file named "SEGA" and you will double click that and then place your file that is named "Medieval II Total War" from your "Aztec Playable Mod 0.75" into the "SEGA" folder. You may need to make a back-up but I wouldn't advise that as you would have to copy all the files I have altered. In the future version that I am working on it will alread have a "Vanilla" Back-up. I have school and stuff so this won't come out for a while so please forgive me. I'm only 14 so don't expect much because this is also my first mod (excepting it's earlier version "Aztec Playable Mod 0.05").