Mod: Units Addon Mod V1.3 Lite
A units addon mod that will add forty units into the PC game Medieval2: Total War by Creative Assembly.
  File Name:     Author: Yiu_DJC
  File Size: 35.31 MB   Files Added: 10
  Downloads: 959 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 14,870 (47 last week)
  Posted: 05.12.2012   Supporters: 25 (+1 Add)
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By Yiu_DJC (SI Member) on Dec 05, 2012
Here's a pic of the units in V1.3 lite:

December 6, 2012
By anturaju17 (I just got here) on Dec 06, 2012
i hace problem when i have to copy the medieval2.cfg file in the target says that the target name is not valid what am I doing wrong?
By Yiu_DJC (SI Member) on Dec 07, 2012
I actually encounter this problem myself a long time ago. The problem is where Window won't let me add @medieval2.cfg at the end of the target line on the shortcut saying it's not a valid path. I would like to help you on this, but I don't remember what I did to amend this?

--Perhaps uncheck read only if it's check?
--Perhaps create a shortcut first, then reboot and try to add the @medieval2.cfg on the shortcut after?
--Perhaps copy and paste the shortcut on to desktop or somewhere else, then add the @medieval2.cfg at the end, applied it and then put it back into the M2TW folder?
--Perhaps use the included shortcut and modify the target line to point to where your install medieval2.exe is will do the trick?

What I did know is Window eventually did allow me to add the @medieval2.cfg at the target line eventually and never had a problem since. I try to replicate this problem by creating a new shortcut and it just let me make the changes.
By Yiu_DJC (SI Member) on Dec 07, 2012
It might have to do with User Account Control. You might need to turn that off to applied the edit.

(Read about User Account Control at the official Microsoft page below)
By grandad22 (I just got here) on Dec 22, 2012
I have the same problem as anturaju17, i'm using windows 7. Does the @medieval2.cfg need to be added to the target line after the " marks?(in which case it never saves it) or inside the " marks?(in which case it gives the same message as anturaju17 about the path file not existing)

This is what i put in the target line "C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\medieval2.exe @medieval2.cfg", is this right?

I've tried everything you've suggested but nothing works inc disabling UAC, gutted cos i'm desparate to get play this mod.

Also is it right that the medieval.cfg file only has
file_first = true
in it, with nothin else?
By rico2525 (SI Newbie) on Jan 07, 2013
yes i have same problem and i have windows 7 but it dont work
By rico2525 (SI Newbie) on Jan 07, 2013
nevermind i figured it out but a couple of units are missing
By Yiu_DJC (SI Member) on Jan 09, 2013
Please refer to the first post with the reference photo on what units are available for version 1.3. All units in the photo are present and accountable for. This is a streamline lite version with fewer units. Again, only those units in the photo are included in this version of the Units Addon mod. Please refer to the readme documentation if you have any questions.
By Internal_Memory (I just got here) on Jan 17, 2013
Okay lol, I just registered on here to ask a simple question - no it has nothing to do with installation, that worked out fine. My question is:

Is it me or with every update of this mod adds less and less from the original versions? I have version 1.1.1 that I have installed (sadly nothing new for Scottland I don't believe) but now with 1.3 it's only 40 units instead of 64. Are these additional units being added onto the last versions units or replacing them and units are being cut out?
By Yiu_DJC (SI Member) on Mar 21, 2013
@ Internal_Memory

You're right, many units are removed due to how the game changes when units are added. The AI becomes too powerful, in the case of aggressive factions, it makes them ultra powerful and that's why many units are removed in the lite version of the mod. I started over from scratch and added only units that I really wanted and feel what most other players wanted as well. In most cases, the omnipresent spearmen units are removed, but in some rare cases like for France or HRE, I added another clone Armored Sergeants (Chivalric Sergeants) to the city because I preferred to play with city settlements over castles and I would like to have a competent spear unit over the militias. It's a lot of things give and take, I feel there's no right or wrong when it comes to the design narrative of a Total War game. It's very subjective and the ability to add or remove units to our own preference gives all players the ability to explore and play based on one's inking.