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1.2 save games are compatible with 1.21

To install the mod simply point the installed to your Medieval II Total War installation, which by default is installed to:

C:Program FilesSEGAMedieval II Total War

It is recommended you install Medieval II Total War Update 1 Patch before instaling LTC 1.21. This will make your gaming experience much better.

Once installed you should use the new Lands to Conquer desktop shortcut to run the game.

[B]The changes Lands to Conquer 1.21 makes to Medieval II Total War are listed below:[/B]

-rebalanced cavalry due to changes made in M2TW 1.1
-added back in missing units from tech tree
-effects of corruption and farm income balanced more
-increase kings purse for HRE, Hungary, Poland

-added script to make sure ai doesn't run low on cash so it provides a challenge throughout the campaign
-pirate and rebel spawn rates reduced
(following changes made by lawngnome)
-Construction times tweaked (some raised, some lowered)
-Construction costs raised
-Mining income raised
-Unit replenishment rates reduced across the board (especially nobles)
-Fortresses can now recruit 4 units at a time, Citadels 5.
-City growth reduced across the board.
-New minimums for upgrading cities: town/wooden castle - 1k; large
town/castle - 5k; city/fortress - 12.5k; large city/citadel -
30k; huge city - 60k
-Squalor's effect on growth increased slightly
-Squalor's effect on public order reduced greatly
-Religious unrest increased
-Distance from capital penalty increased
-Corruption greatly increased (+law buildings are your best friend)
-Population growth from farms increased
-Income from farms decreased
-Population growth from trade increased
-Income from trade increased
-Many units and all agents now receive XP levels from higher
recruitment buildings
-Castles and Walls no longer enable unit recruitment by themselves
(foot knights moved to barracks)
-Several buildings' effects on law/happiness/growth tweaked.
-Several buildings now have additional effects
-The "Library" buildings now grant XP to faction-specific unit types
(unique N. Europe building)
-Several units moved to new recruitment buildings (all Janissaries in
Military Academy)
-A few buildings now have prerequisites
-City/Castle roles are stressed more
-Many other tweaks to influence slow growth and make maintaining a large empire harder.

-cannon elephants removed from the campaign
-date of Mongol and Timurid invasions now varies more, there is a larger period of time over which both could happen
-Dismounted Broken Lances, Mongol Dismounted Archers, Mongol and Timurid Dismounted Heavy Archers, Mongol Dismounted Light Lancers, Mongol and Timurid Heavy Lancers now available in the campaign
-new loading screens and splash screen
-increased cost of musketeers

-all factions playable in campaign(except Timurids, Mongols, Papacy, Aztecs)
-new victory conditions for all factions
-improved campaign ai courtesy of Shaba Wangy
-Merchants now make more money
-Assassins are now more powerful
-1 year per turn in campaign, with year shown and building construction times changed to reflect this
-starting money tweaked for all factions, and kings purse increased for all factions
-agent and fleet movement increased
-English Armoured Sergeants, HRE Dismounted Gothic Knights, and Venetian Dismounted Broken Lances now available in the campaign
-ai unit recruitment priorities tweaked for some factions
-increased cost of all cavalry units by 200 florins to balance things out, and increased upkeep for elite cavalry units.
-increased cost of artillery in campaign a lot to stop ai from building lots of it
-workaround for units with 2 handed bug, they now fight in melee and against cavalry
-rebalancing of stats in line with this
-Byzantine Infantry, Varangian Guard and Kataphraktoi made more powerful to make the Byzantines better
-Crusader units available in custom battle for catholic factions
-billmen made more powerful
-artillery have longer range
-units armed with longbow have longer range and slightly increased damage
-Venetian Archer And Venetian Heavy Infantry armour upgrade fix(in vanilla M2Tw the armour upgrades are the wrong way round, i've fixed it)
-peasants stats reduced.

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