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Author: Alletun

A complete guide to unit-making in M2TW. Covering 3D with milkshape3D, UV-mapping, Basic and advanced photoshop functions, texturing, a trouble-shooting guide that can help you if you get problems with your units and a project overview of how to do a paladin from the warhammer universe.

All a unit maker needs to know in just 1 file!

Special thanks to KnightErrant for all his wonderful tools and for proofreading!

Note: feel free to add comments to this file if you want anything descriped more clearly, have problems, or have special wishes for future expansions.

Version History:
1.3: The workflow have been streamlined to reflect the newest tools. Added chapter about how to use 3dsmax in your pipeline instead of milkshape. Expanded the FAQ with over 10 new common questions!
1.2: Added chapter 6a about modeling helmets and complex shapes in milkshape. Corrected minor typos. Added another section to the FAQ.
1.1: corrected typos and other mistakes. Added FAQ part about getting animations,skeleton and models from milkshape to 3ds max (page 58).
1.0: original release

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