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This mod allows you to play as the Mongols and Timurids........yeah I've bet you heard of that one before, but...... this mod has a twist, the Mongols start out by Russia, British Isle's, and at the Holy Lands, with full flag armies in each area.

Timurids are also in this mod, they are not as powerful but start out not so scattered, they have only one location and that is in the Spanish, Moors, and Portugal territory, they are to invade the lands of that area, while the Mongols cause destruction to the Islamic and Catholic factions.

The Papal States have Rome, Acre and Jerusalem, and they also have the help of the Holy Roman Empire, who are located at the Jedda region, and yes the Holy Roman Empire only have 1 territory they do not have any of the original land ( I told you there was going to be a twist ) and yes the Papal States, Aztecs, and Rebels are all playable.

1.Extract the files into your medieval 2/ Sega folder
2.Replace the files in your Data/World/Maps/Campaign/Imperial Campaign with the new ones that you downloaded.
3.Make a copy of both the files before you replace them with downloaded ones (you may want to replace it later on if you don't like it)

Also if you want to download my last mods (Demigod Lancers NSPRA playable mod)
and (Demigod Lancers NSPRA playable mod v1.1) feel free to download them

please tell me any problems that you have with this mod.

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