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The Kingdom of the Scots is a modification of the British Isles campaign from the Kingdoms Expansion. The Principle aim of Kingdom of the Scots is to recreate the clan wars and blood feuds between Scottish Clans and Families during the years 1258 - 1450, as well as the Anglo Scottish Wars of the period. The Mod will feature a good blend of historical accuracy and game play played out on a large map.

This modifcations includes the following gameplay changes and features:

Start Date = 1258
End Date = 1450
2 turns per year = characters age correctly
2 x building costs and times

1. Complete battle AI overhaul by Naimad.
2. Scripted campaign playable historical battles such as Otterburn, Shrewsbury, Falkirk, Stirling Bridge and more.
3. New regions including Ossory, Berwickshire, Galloway, Ross, Anglesey & The Isle of Wight.
4. Heraldry Mod
5. Formation Files by Lusted
6. Many new events such as Papal Elections
7. Gunpowder occurs now in 1346
8. 17 New Loading Screens
9. Summer/Winter Hud Display
10. Over 90 Other changes have been made to enhance the brilliant Vanilla Campaign

Installation - 04November2007 - Experienced Users

Firstly, you need to unpack your british_isles files as below in a & b

a - Go to the directory C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\tools\unpacker
b - double click on unpack_britannia (this will take between 5-10 minutes to unpack)

This mod will not work unless you have your files unpacked.

1. Make a copy of your unpacked british_isles folder by right clicking and going down to "copy".
2. Rename the "Copy of british_isles" folder to kingdomofthecsots, by right clicking and going down to "rename".
3. Go to your directory where the kingdomofthecsots folder is (C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\kingdomofthescots) and delete these 2 files (vanilla requirement).

descr_geography_new db

4. Run the Installer overwriting any Read Only files it asks you about (by clicking "retry").
5. When the Installer finishes go to your folder C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\kingdomofthescots.
6. Right click on the medieval2.kingdomofthescots shortcut icon and send it to the desktop to be able to launch the game.
7. Double click on the desktop icon.
8. Play the game.

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