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Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod Final

What is Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod Final?
This is the second and final version of my Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod. There will be patches to follow if needed but no more full versions! You may have already downloaded my previous mod version and patches. Uninstall them now as there are many improvements in this final version. The previous mod and patches are now obsolete. I decided to release my Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod to the community as there are so few major mods out for the expansion. This mod uses the Retrofit mod as a base and adds the 2 new factions from the Kingdoms crusades campaign (Kingdom of Jerusalem and Antioch). I have also added every new unit from the crusades campaign and made many new improvements as well as adding some of the best ideas from the best mods around. I aim to try and not lose the flavour of the original game to much. And have therefore not added any new graphics into this mod at all! The only new features are taken from Kingdoms including new interfaces, movies, sounds and events. This mod plays and feels just like the original campaign, except for being better. The mod also uses the Bigmap, which has been modded and improved by myself.

Installation Notes (Please read all of this)
This mod will not work without Medieval II Total War Kingdoms installed! You do not need the game unpacked. The installer has been made as simple as possible to use. Just make sure you install to this directory path if thats where the main game is installed C:Program FilesSEGAMedieval II Total Warmodskingdoms_grand_campaign_mod. Important when you have installed the mod and play it for the first time it will build the new map. Dont worry about when you choose a faction and hit the start button! It is not a crash wait a few minutes and it will load eventually. Next time you start a campaign it will load straight away.


To uninstall the mod run the uninstaller in the start menu and then delete the folder kingdoms_grand_campaign_mod. A mod shortcut can be found in the kingdoms_grand_campaign_mod folder. You can place this on your desktop if you wish.

Kingdoms Content
-Retrofit mod by Unspoken Knight included.
-Kingdom of Jerusalem and Antioch added into the grand campaign.
-Every new unit from the crusades campaign added.
-New look interface for northern, southern and eastern european factions as well as middle eastern.
-New music added including the Teutonic music for eastern European factions.
-Heroes added to the campaign! including new hero Frederick Barbarossa.

Campaign and AI
-Improved battle AI thanks to Lusted.
-More advanced campaign AI (Modified version of Lusteds latest campaign AI).
-Small garrison script to defend capital cities only!
-Recruit priority offset done for every faction in the campaign!
-New win conditions for each faction (outlive faction here determines the AI's main opponent)
-Faction standing script completely redone, starting faction relations more historically accurate.
-Character movement points increased (military stays the same for 0.5 years)
-Money script for all AI factions for a harder AI opponent.
-AI debt script.

Map and Settlements
-Bigmap, including new regions, Gloucester, Krak_de_Chavaliers, Valladoid, Ancona, Clermont, Reval and Hassleholm.
-Better map textures for bigmap thanks to DLV mod.
-Added Kings models to the campaign map.
-More units added to tech tree including Dismounted Noble Knights, Armoured Swordsmen, Noble Knights + lots more.
-Big changes to the building tech tree, thanks to Stainless steal mod for even better army recruitment.
-Longer building times for 0.5 years per turn.
-Improved each level of gates slightly to compensate for lack of fire arrows for defenders in a siege.
-Every settlement on the campaign map starts with more advanced buildings and roads.
-Improved growth rate (thanks to Grandviz) so that settlements take longer to grow.
-Every faction starts with more regions and has at least a level "city" capital.
-Longer building times for 0.5 years per turn.
-More recruitment slots and free upkeep slots.

-Burrecks high and early period unit skins.
-Dismouned Feudal Knights now recruitable earlier from the Drill square!
-Recruitable generals available at barons stables or above.
-Venetain Heavy Infantry (attack) stat_pri increased from 7 up to 9.
-Size of all cavalry units reverted back to 80 men (new balance changes stay the same).
-Removed secondary fire from archers to avoid unrealistic fire spam (AI skirmish better with primary fire only).
-Slight increase in morale for all units for longer lasting battles.
-Cheap missile units now only buildable at bowyer!
-Removed elephant artillery from invading Timurids.
-Ballista not available above ballista_range.

Historical and Events
-0.5 years per turn, 1180-1400 (very long campaign)
-New historical faction leaders added to many factions in year 1180 AD.
-Becomes King script thanks to phutmaster for his idea!
-Victory, Defeat and Death movies added for KOJ and Antioch in the campaign.
-Events script redone to fit into 0.5 turns, mongols invade at around turn 80, gunpowder discovered around turn 130.

Special thanks to Unspoken Knight for his work on the retrofit mod.
Thanks to Lusted for his help with banners and latest AI in this mod.
Burreck for his amazing high period and early period skins.
The creator of Stainless Steal mod King Kong for his work on the export_descr_buildings.txt.
Repman and DLV team for their outstanding mod and ideas.
Grandviz for his work on settlement growth rate.
Spurius for his great map.
And last but by no means least Creative Assembly for giving me permission to release Kingdoms content and making this game so moddable.

Thank you for downloading Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod

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