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Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod Final Patch

Installation Instructions

You must have Medieval II total war Kingdoms installed for this mod to work. Then install Kingdoms Grand Campaign Final followed by this patch. Also you do not require the game to be unpacked.

The installer is simple to use, just make sure you install to this directory path SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\kingdoms_grand_campaign_mod. To uninstall the mod run the uninstaller and then delete the folder kingdoms_grand_campaign_mod.

Campaign Changes

-A Merciless Campaign AI that attacks you with more powerful armies than ever before (Lusted).
-Better diplomacy and stronger alliances (Lusted).
-Improved Battle AI and formations (Lusted).
-More faction leaders added to the Battle map.
-Castle models added to all Northern European factions on the campaign map.
-Money script for AI now reduced (New campaign AI makes things tougher, therefore AI gets less help).
-Kings purse increased slightly for all factions.
-Mongol Invasion changed, it will now occur even earlier but the horde now only spawns in the north.
-Mangonels now available to many more factions in the building construction tree.
-Unit costs of siege weapons increased a bit, heavily armoured knights made more expensive, missile units cheaper.
-Changes made to the way siege buildings work, level ballista_range=Ballista, level catapult_range=Catapult+Mangonel, level siege_works=Trebuchet+Mangonel. This ensures that only siege weapons of a higher quality are produced as the campaign progresses.
-Secondary fire for catapults+trebuchets removed, you will see more realistic use of these weapons, they no longer fire thunderbolts across the battlefield. Mangonels are the only weapons purpose built to throw fire on the campaign.
-Added some new skins from Knights and Knaves.
-New vegetation from Kingdoms added.
-Made a few changes to some settlements and regions.

Bug Fixes

-Mangonel animations now working correctly.
-Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller horse models fixed for NE factions and these units are now recruitable early in the campaign from guilds. But they are more expensive and the replenishment pool is slow. This is to prevent the campaign becoming easier.
-Fixed a few textures that were not working properly for a few king models on the strat map.

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