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Author: Agart

Brief Description:

- this mini-mod will replace the Kingdoms vanilla castles strat models with new ones.

Levels: castle, fortress, citadel.
Cultures: north-european, south- european, east- european, middle- eastern, greek, teutonic.

New models have in average 30-50% more polys than original.

- it should be compatible with all Kingdoms versions. Can be used for vanilla MTW2 as well with the exception of teutonic models ("Faction variants" does not work in MTW2).
Should be compatible with your saved game and with other mods as well as soon as they donít modify strat models.

Install notes:
- copy the files from the archive in to your Medieval2, Kingdoms or Mod root folder
- --io.file_first should be used as a parameter in a shortcut
- play the game!

Uninstall notes:

- just remove the --io.file_first from the shortcuts.
- another way is to delete all the files found in the data/models_strat and the text file description_culture.txt found in the data directory.

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