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Author: wolfslayer

NEW Warhorns for SS6 (beta)

Various new sounds plus a few remixed RTW and stock MTW2 sounds

Default time between warhorns is 9 seconds.

This can be adjusted, along with volume and distance, in the two included txt files.



events* and sfx* must be deleted and repacked for changes to take effect (see below).

To install:

UNRAR to SS6/data including subfolders

Delete events.idx/dat and SFX.idx/data in SS6/data/sounds

Restart game and sound packs will rebuild.

created for use in SS6 but is probably compatible with other Kingdoms/MTW2 mods.

To remove- delete the 2 txt files above and events/sfx and game will default back to vanilla sounds.

Issues - some pitch changes of horns when moving camera from doppler effect- will update if I figure out how to disable doppler for this sound bank.


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