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Author: Dragoon

Dragoon's little fix (
Correct a Bug in Medieval II Americas Campaign

Place all files into "\Medieval II Total War\mods\americas\data"
Make a shortcut to Kingdoms.exe and add following after
"YOUR PATH\kingdoms.exe" --io.file_first --features.mod=mods/americas

otherwise the game won't use these files

This fixes affect the Apachean Faction only.

1) Horse Longhouse Building ( Horse-Tent line )
gave Experience Bonus for Heavy Cavalry (Knights)
but all Apachean Cavalry is Light Cavalry.
Changed from "heavy_cavalry_bonus 1" to "cavalry_bonus 1"

I removed the ability to upgrade the amor for certain units.
As I have seen no native unit is able to upgrade their armor in the this campaign. Even there are Buildings that allow the first level armor upgrade units them self not. So I guess the developers did that on purpose and is not an oversight or "bug". If I add the ability to upgrade amor for apachean units I should to keep balance add this to all factions. However as I think this is intended I just nerfed my own fix. This means, the Armor Tipi is completly useless. It has no uses.

But I would like to open a discussion on that. What do you think? Should Native Faction Units that wear basic armor be able to upgrade their armor? Let me know and if enough people think so I will add this to my fix again and for all native factions.

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