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Divide and Conquer is the biggest Third Age total War submod of all time. After all these years we finally got a release again. It contains tons of new factions, units, scripts, 2d and more! Many might have played it already back in 2009, it has been in developement for over 4 years now, but that was a very uncomplete release by a completely different team. With an almost completely new team Divide and Conquer restarted the work almost 2 years ago and this is the result. Lots of new factions, units, scripts and 2d, all made and tested by experienced Total War modders.

Full Feature List:
(Red parts not in the first release)

30 factions including:


Shadow of Mordor
Remnants of Angmar
Shadow of Mirkwood
Easterlings of Rhún
Haradrim Tribes
Haven of Umbar
Orcs Of The Misty Mountains
Khazad Dum
Kingdom Of Gondor
Principality Of Dol Amroth
Northern Dúnedain
Kingdom Of Rohan
Vale of Dorwinion
Vale of Anduin
Dominion of Isengard
Kingdom of Dale
Breeland and the Shire
Erebor & Iron Hill Dwarves
Blue Mountains Dwarves
Realm of Imladris
Thranduil's Realm
Grey Havens of Lindon
Galadhrim's Realm
White Council
Reunited Kingdom

Non Playable:

Ents of Fangorn
Variags of Khand
Slave faction

Hundreds of exiting scripted events with unique event pictures and description!
Almost 200 new units!
100% new ui, menu and faction symbols
An unique campaign map

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