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Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion Cheats & Codes

Type the following codes in strategic mode.

Code: Description:
.mefoundsomeau. Lots of Gold
.mefoundsomeag. Lots of Silver
.mefoundsomecu. Lots of Copper
.viagra. Lots of Iron
.matteosartori. Full Map
.deadringer. 1,000,000 Florins
.badgerbunny. All Units/Buildings unlocked
.conan. Play as Rebels
.worksundays. Makes all buildings go up in one year
.unfreeze. Your rulers wife produces a male heir the next turn


Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
GER Money Trainer by Souldrinker 12 KB Download it!
v2.01 Money Trainer by DEVIANCE 12 KB Download it!
Money Trainer by Deviance 12 KB Download it!