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Posted on 01/02/2013 10:55
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Very good

Very good game. Highest realism since Blitzkrieg, and revolutionary direct control mode is really awsome.
But it's problems with resuplly of fueld and ammo are sometimes crippling.
Also, anti-tank granades are far too powerful, and anti-tank misslies... Read More
7.5 great
Posted on 03/14/2011 22:24
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I just got here

9.7 perfect
Posted on 02/09/2011 04:56

is the best rts
9.9 perfect
Posted on 07/08/2010 17:12

Men of war

This is an extra game!
9.9 perfect
Posted on 05/04/2010 17:19

Men Of War

Because its the most realistic game i ever seen.. and finaly a real strategy game where the tanks dont have health bars :)
9.9 perfect
Posted on 07/19/2009 15:25
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I just got here

Its Good !

Only Men of War !
9.9 perfect
Posted on 06/18/2009 03:56

dumb micro

MoW is quite a decent game, but its micro really pissed me off.
7.5 great
Posted on 05/14/2009 15:42
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I just got here

Very nice graphics,extremely realistic
9.6 perfect
Posted on 03/23/2009 12:21


very good balistics,thank you for this game.
9.8 perfect