Mod: Commanders of War II 2.0
This mod from SS-Kommando features large battles, with lots of infantry, tanks, artillery pieces and other units on the field. However, the resource settings are very free, so fighting smaller battles will also be a possibility.
  File Name: commanders_of_war_2-2.0.exe     Author: Admin
  File Size: 180.09 MB   Files Added: 11,015
  Downloads: 9,328 (10 last week)   Author Downloads: 18,361,726 (50,354 last week)
  Posted: 22.12.2009   Supporters: n/a
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By phmohanad (SI Newbie) on Jan 04, 2010
Great Mod!! Thanx a lot .Could U Pls make a mod about SS-Michael Witmann = The Tiger Ace And make a lot of Levels?? Eastern Front & Western Front (From Armoured car ,Stug & Panzer III to The Great Tiger Tank) I'll be very much thankful!
By prince_of_persiaByte (SI Newbie) on Feb 18, 2010
what file do i put it in and plz respond
By chacotey (I just got here) on Apr 06, 2010
i cant download it. what a hell?
By coolflash (I just got here) on Apr 29, 2010
i dont know where to put any mods i get for men of war
By PS360drummer (I just got here) on Sep 17, 2010
put them in program files/aspyr/menofwar/mods, then you right-klik, extract here, open men of war, activate the mod, enjoy. also, does anyone know how to play the missions,because i activate the mods, but then i cant play. help plz.
By mlokmanoglu (I just got here) on Dec 01, 2011
Same problem to me also. I activated mod but I cant play. Help please.
By velislav54 (I just got here) on Apr 24, 2012
i had a mods like this one that did not work
By velislav54 (I just got here) on Apr 24, 2012
then i dounload a new version of the game and work