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The basic concept of this mod is to add Polish Army from 1939 into Men of War. There will also be a Polish campaign. Enter my profile if you want to check progress of my actual work.
Suggestions and comments are welcome.


(CONC) - Concept
(WIP) - Work In Progress
(RC) - Release Candidate
(COM) - Completed
(ABD) - Abandoned
(SUS) - Suspended
(ToW) - Partially borrowed from 1C game Theatre of War
(New) - My addon
(IG) - In-game

Polish Campaign:
1: 01.09.1939 Western Border - "Border Defense" (COM)
2: 05.09.1939 Lodz Province - "Blitzkrieg" (COM)
3: 17.09.1939 Lublin Province - "Belly of the Steel Beast" (COM)
4: 26.09.1939 The Capital City of Warsaw - "Last Stand" (COM)
5: 30.09.1939 Lublin Province - "Red Flood" (COM)
6: 06.10.1939 Southern Border - "Lonesome Road " (COM)


37mm wz36 - COM(IG) (in-game model - RED TIDE)
75mm wz1897 - COM(Tow)

Sokol 1000 - COM(IG) (in-game model of standard motorcycle)

FIAT PF 508 - SUS(ToW)
FIAT PF 621 - COM(ToW)

Wz34 MG - COM(ToW)
Wz34 37mm - COM(ToW)

TKS-MG - SUS (New) + COM(ToW)
TKS-20mm - SUS (New) + COM(ToW)
7TP - SUS (New) + COM(ToW)
Vickers_E single turret - COM(ToW)
Vickers_E twin turret - COM(ToW)

P-11c - CONC (ToW)

and more...

These models in large number are borrowed from 1C game ToW and are slightly modified. I have used them because developers put model import/export tool on their site and gave over 1GB of free models. I am also adding new models like new helmet, officer cap or making new gun for wz 34 for example. However adapting it to the game is a process.

I can't take all the credit!

* I have taken music from:
- Game "Hidden & Dangerous"
- Movie "Platoon"

* Some of the ingame sounds came from the German Soldiers Mod by Blub0r2k

Polish Army 1939 MOD testers:

Thank you for all your time and suggestions.

Polish Army 1939 MOD change gameplay a lot. If you play again your standard MOW campaigns you will experience new war realism.
New parameters:
Range, damage, health… etc.

In the future I plan to release expansion packs and add multiplayer support.

I need to rest now, but.... Keep frontin' the Empire :)

"The Unseen and Silent" - First expansion pack (campaign) for Polish Army 1939 MOD has been announced.

After release of "The Unseen and Silent" expansion pack, Polish Army 1939 MOD will change its name to Polish Army 1939-1945 MOD. Expansion pack will be released together with ver. 1.1 of Present MOD (Campaign).

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