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The basic concept of this mod is to add Polish Army from 1939 into Men of War. There will also be a Polish campaign. Enter my profile if you want to check progress of my actual work.
Suggestions and comments are welcome.


(C) - Concept
(WIP) - Work In Progress
(RC) - Release Candidate
(COM) - Completed
(ABD) - Abandoned
(SUS) - Suspended
(ToW) - Partially borrowed from 1C game Theatre of War
(New) - My addon
(IG) - In-game

Polish Campaign I:
1: 01.09.1939 Western Border - "Border Defense" (COM)
2: 05.09.1939 Lodz Province - "Blitzkrieg" (COM)
3: 17.09.1939 Lublin Province - "Belly of the Steel Beast" (COM)
4: 26.09.1939 The Capital City of Warsaw - "Last Stand" (COM)
5: 30.09.1939 Lublin Province - "Red Flood" (COM)
6: 06.10.1939 Southern Border - "Lonesome Road" (COM)

Polish Campaign II:
1: 17.06.1941 General Government - "Voice of the Voiceless" (COM)
2: 18.06.1941 General Government - "Nocturnal Activities" (COM)
3: 19.06.1941 General Government - "Township Rebellion" (COM)
4: 19.06.1941 General Government - "Unforgiven" (COM)
5: 19.06.1941 General Government - "Long Road" (COM)

Polish Campaign III:
1: 12.10.1943 Eastern Front - "Brothers in Arms" (COM)
2: 13.10.1943 Eastern Front - "Eastern Wind " (COM)

Polish Campaign IV:
1: 17.05.1944 - Devil's Nest (C)
2: 07.07.1944 - Shift (C)
3: 17.07.1944 - Urban Assault (C)
4: 21.09.1944 - United Offensive (C)
5: 23.09.1944 - Bridge Too Far (C)
6: 14.04.1945 - Not Yet Lost (C)
7: 21.04.1945 - Per Aspera ad Astra (C)


37mm wz36 - COM(IG) (in-game model - RED TIDE)
75mm wz1897 - COM(ToW)

Sokol 1000 - COM(IG) (in-game model of standard motorcycle)

FIAT PF 508 - SUS(ToW)
FIAT PF 621 - COM(ToW)

Wz34 MG - COM(ToW)
Wz34 37mm - COM(ToW)

TKS-MG - SUS (New) + COM(ToW)
TKS-20mm - SUS (New) + COM(ToW)
7TP - SUS (New) + COM(ToW)
Vickers_E single turret - COM(ToW)
Vickers_E twin turret - COM(ToW)

P-11c - C (ToW)
PZL-23 - C

and more...

These models in large number are borrowed from 1C game ToW and are slightly modified. I have used them because developers put model import/export tool on their site and gave over 1GB of free models. I am also adding new models like new helmet, officer cap or making new gun for wz 34 for example. However adapting it to the game is a process.

I can't take all the credit!

* I have taken music from:
- Game "Hidden & Dangerous"
- Movie "Platoon"
- Movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
- Movie "Superman"
- Movie "Enemy at the Gates"
- Movie "Apollo 13"
- Movie "Lord of the Rings"
- Movie "Predator"

* Some of the ingame sounds came from the German Soldiers Mod by Blub0r2k

Polish Army 1939 MOD testers:

Thank you for all your time and suggestions.

In the future I plan to release expansion packs and add multiplayer support.

"The Unseen and Silent" - First expansion pack (campaign) for Polish Army 1939-1945 MOD has been announced.

"Shadow of the Red Banner" - Second expansion pack (campaign) for Polish Army 1939-1945 MOD has been announced.

"The Last Crusade" - Third and the last expansion pack (campaign) for Polish Army 1939-1945 MOD has been announced.

After release of "The Unseen and Silent" expansion pack, Polish Army 1939 MOD will change its name to Polish Army 1939-1945 MOD. Expansion pack will be released together with ver. 1.1 of Present MOD (Campaign).

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