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Neverending Battles of World War Two

If crashing try lowering your texture settings in options. Medium should be a safe bet for most players. But high also seems to work for some players. Ultra textures is what is causing the crashes, too much stuff for the game engine to load I'm afraid.

A survival skrimish mod with new maps and a complex script that will give you a new experience every time you play.

Made by Ozka (maps and script) (ingame nick Ozka420), with help from fastLegz (maps).

Also big thanks to all the testers and the makers of the Mortar mod and BS3 ATG.Testers: Knegrow (lunarskiit), DJSatane, Timmyvos, Utbildadninja, Kommando, the Soldier, gamerliker.

Read the changelog.txt for a more detailed list of changes.

Forum thread for comments, suggestions and development updates.


- 9 maps in total to play on!
- Choose your nation, and the enemy nation ingame.
- Or press start directly and play with the default nations for the map.
- New units, mines and equipment to play with.
- Each Nation has certain bonuses to give each of em a different gameplay.
- Survive for 50 minutes to complete the win. Then keep playing until you loose, set a new highscore each time!
- Build your defences and buy troops to hold against the waves
- Enemy sends a big wave of troops every now and then depending on difficulty
- The enemy wave consists of a random company. So you never know what to expect.
- A radio station that has to be in your control in order to buy troops
- A resupply script too minimize the microing when you have to resupply your soldiers.
- A script that gives you random troops or resources every now and then
- A rather complex difficulty system, if too hard try on an easier setting.
- Fully COOP supported- Enemy gains in strength whenever you loose ground.
- Three defensive lines to defend, if you lose the last you lose the game.

Planned Features:

- "Lite" version with one third the units in play and only one defensive position to defend.
- "Medium" version with half the units in play and only two defensive lines to defend.
- Special pacific maps featuring Japan
- More maps!

Important information! Important information!
Read the readme for installation/uninstallation instructions. And also other important information.

July 2012 report.

Progress on 3.0 with a lighter version (less units, smaller sized maps) of the script is in progress, however I am working completely alone on this project at the moment and I have to admit it is tiring and taking time. I have several new maps ready for the next Neverending Battles release (5 maps so far, some provided by fastlegz and warfare11).

Now during the summer, to speed up the motivation and progress of this mod,I've been working on this mostly alone more than a year now, starting with the Korsun Pocket mission from june 2011, which has evolved into this over time.

Please comment on the mod and help me balance and develop this more to your liking at these sites.

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