C&C: Red Alert Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
Battle Scenarios 1 229 688 KB May 15, 2010
General Mods 1 58 36 KB Apr 9, 2012
All Mods 6 1,278 26.00 MB Apr 9, 2012
RAlisim Tier 1 Release v1

It will feature a more realistic level of combat, allowing for a more tactical and fast-paced game.

Mod added: 09.04.2012 | | 36 KB | 58 downloads

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Command & Conquer Red Alert: The Downfall

A Red Alert: Aftermath map-pack which continues the merciless war between the Soviet juggernaut machine and the Allied nations.

Mod added: 15.05.2010 | Red Alert - The Downfall.rar | 688 KB | 229 downloads

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This is an improvement from Red Alert New: Nuke Artillery Nuke Rocket launcher nuke mine Wider area construction Clever AI's Tesla coil has 10 shots Weapons have better range limit New units and buildings Accelerated loading of the super weapons

Mod added: 01.05.2010 | | 13.74 MB | 121 downloads

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Red Alert: For Honor (Skirmish only Beta)

Red alert: For Honor is a total conversion for C&C Red alert. Command the Americans, Germans, Japanese, British and Filipinos. It not only replaces the graphics and units, it also changes the strategy up too.

Mod added: 01.03.2010 | | 11.04 MB | 252 downloads

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Close Quarters

A multiplayer mod. Removes unused units and rebalances used ones.

Mod added: 11.02.2008 | | 28 KB | 101 downloads

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Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge: Full Potential 3

This is an overhaul mod that adds new units, weapons, features and more. It claims to have no overhead, so you shouldn't lose FPS.

Mod added: 14.11.2007 | | 489 KB | 517 downloads

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