Fallout: New Vegas Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
Total / Partial Conversion Mods 5 2,888 640.62 MB Dec 1, 2011
New Weapons 2 13,376 32.24 MB Oct 22, 2010
New Gear / Armor 6 1,969 28.56 MB Feb 15
Skins / Textures / Menu Mods 4 2,879 25.79 MB Mar 6, 2012
Graphic Mods 1 1,537 2.02 MB Oct 31, 2010
New Areas / Scenarios 1 1,202 3.52 MB Feb 4, 2012
General Mods 34 27,099 4,554.83 MB Sep 12
All Mods 53 50,950 5,287.57 MB Sep 12
CaliberX v3.18

The definitive ammo expansion pack for Fallout New Vegas.

Mod added: 25.10.2011 | CaliberX_v3.18.7z | 34.53 MB | 1148 downloads

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Goodsprings Home 1.1

This is not one of those fancy homes with there giant underground armories and hidden treasures, this is a simple, realistic home.

Mod added: 17.10.2011 | Goodsprings_Home.RAR | 640 KB | 1249 downloads

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Elite Lily

Have you ever thought "I wish Lily was less like my psycho grandma and more like a awesome Elite from Halo." me either, but when I was messing around I came up with this! THE ELITE LILY!!! This is something I just made because someone requested it on my o

Mod added: 06.10.2011 | Elite_Lily.rar | 10.32 MB | 712 downloads

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Fallout New Vegas Reborn V1.0

A realism mod for Fallout New Vegas, this mod is the spiritual successor to Fallout 3 Reborn. The mod increases damage of all weapons, changes several item names, and generally makes the game harder and more realistic.

Mod added: 26.11.2010 | Fallout NV Reborn | 10.55 MB | 1633 downloads

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Realistic Death & Dismemberment Physics

Brings the outrageous vanilla death physics to a more believable, and playable, level. This is done by bringing the minimum force to 0 and the maximum force to a 1:6 with the vanilla. Couples perfectly with my Sensible Dismemberment. Video: http

Mod added: 30.10.2010 | Realistic Death & Dismemberment Physics.rar | 1 KB | 2179 downloads

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The Container

Hi :) this is a mod that adds a container in the docs house at the start of the game with all the uniq weapons tons of ammo and all of the non quest armors oh ya it respawns aswell :)

Mod added: 26.10.2010 | Muaha v3.rar | 2 KB | 3894 downloads

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Fallout New Vegas Male Player Voice Mod

This mod replaces the male player character's voice for taking damage and yelling out during power attacks, and more. This mod is mainly for people who want to have a younger sounding player character or have a character that sounds different from other

Mod added: 22.10.2010 | Fallout New Vegas Male Player Voice | 912 KB | 445 downloads

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All Races Playable MOD

You can make all Races!!!(except for children)...

Mod added: 21.10.2010 | All Races Playable by BMDD(except for children).7z | 20 KB | 1101 downloads

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Mikoto Companions De-Equipable

Makes all companion equipment removable.

Mod added: 21.10.2010 | CompanionDe-Equip.rar | 3 KB | 1098 downloads

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Vault 13 Canteen Limiter

It seemed kind of strange for a "Hardcore" mode character to have an unlimited Canteen, I didn't like the lack of realism for the item, so I changed it.

Mod added: 20.10.2010 | V13 Canteen Limiter.rar | 2 KB | 185 downloads

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BlackCompany HarderCore

Three small, optional "mods" intent on making the Wasteland far more dangerous. Monsters are no longer leveled, and neither is loot. In hardcore mode the needs are much more prevalent. Healing chems are slightly more difficult to find. All in all, HarderC

Mod added: 20.10.2010 | | 17 KB | 752 downloads

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FNV - BeardEyebrowFix

Fixes the annoying eyebrows fall off problem. It happens when you select a beard type. This mod adds the Male Eyebrows to all beard bits, it also makes just eyebrows available should you wish to go clean shaven.

Mod added: 20.10.2010 | | 3 KB | 199 downloads

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Essential Companions Mod

This mod makes companions essential so they'll fall unconscious if injured instead of dying.

Mod added: 20.10.2010 | Essential_Companions_updated-34751.rar | 6 KB | 1674 downloads

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Prosperous Alien Creature Mod

What is there to say? They are a unique fun creature I made from scratch. They can move and fire two handed automatics. Watch a Youtube video here:

Mod added: 20.10.2010 | | 2.48 MB | 591 downloads

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