Hearts of Iron 3 Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
Graphic Mods 1 557 4.56 MB Oct 18, 2011
A.I. Mods 1 195 549 KB Apr 25, 2012
General Mods 9 4,644 194.20 MB May 26, 2013
All Mods 11 5,396 199.30 MB May 26, 2013
Russian Music Mod Sample

Brief sample of my upcoming music mod for Russian gameplay in Hearts of Iron 3.

Mod added: 26.05.2013 | Russian Music | 5.68 MB | 13 downloads

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U.S.A. Music Mod Sample

Brief sample of my upcoming music mod for playing the U.S.A. in Hearts of Iron 3.

Mod added: 26.05.2013 | U.S.A. Music | 12.01 MB | 11 downloads

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German Music Mod Sample

Brief sample of my upcoming German themed music mod for Hearts of Iron 3.

Mod added: 26.05.2013 | German Music | 20.00 MB | 39 downloads

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Japanese Music Mod

Full conversion of the gameplay music to have a Japanese theme for those wishing to play Japan in Hearts of Iron 3. This mod works for any version of Hearts of Iron.

Mod added: 24.05.2013 | Japanese Music | 109.66 MB | 42 downloads

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Japanese Music Mod Sample

Small sample of a upcoming full conversion of Hearts of Iron 3 Japanese Gameplay.

Mod added: 22.05.2013 | Japanese Music Sample.rar | 17.10 MB | 10 downloads

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EineKatze's Hearts of Iron III Flag Mod 2.5 (Beta)

This is a mod that includes mostly fictional flags for countries in Hearts of Iron III.

Mod added: 04.04.2013 | | 337 KB | 750 downloads

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The Historical Plausibility Project 1.0 (Final)

The mod features a vastly improved AI, historical OOBs for every nation, complex internal politics, a reworked leadership system, the Soviet invasion of Poland, HOI2-style doctrines, capital ship modernizations, over 6,000 unique unit pictures, and much m

Mod added: 24.07.2012 | HPP_1.0.rar | 335 KB | 1589 downloads

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Pimp my HO -DynamicProductionAI-

It changes so far only the production-AI and gives you the possibility to interact with this AI via decisions(some new techs and decisions). Also the faction aims have been slightly adjusted to let the Jap AI go more for important areas in the pacific.

Mod added: 25.04.2012 | | 549 KB | 195 downloads

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A HOI 3 Treasure - GEM One

First GEM's include a revised tech tree, a new regimental unit system and widescreen interface for a better overview.

Mod added: 25.04.2012 | | 8.59 MB | 1007 downloads

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AHOI-Mod "A HOI3 Treasure Chest"

This Mod change many things in the game. Starting from having a new widescreen GUI with a minimum of 1280*768 and many new units, a new Divsion build up system based on Regiments(Std Div is build out of 5 Regiments) and a new expanded tech-tree with many

Mod added: 31.10.2011 | | 20.50 MB | 1183 downloads

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Widescren Ahoi!

Widescreen resolution mod.

Mod added: 18.10.2011 | | 4.56 MB | 557 downloads

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