Impossible Creatures Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
All Mods 2 11,246 193.48 MB Jan 1, 2009
Creature Chaos 4.22

This mod from RevanTheEmperor adds many new Creatures and balance changes. It finally makes it possible to use the almost unlimited ammount of combinations online, without only a handful being the most cost efficient.

Mod added: 01.01.2009 | Creature_Chaos_4.22.exe | 107.48 MB | 6870 downloads

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Insect Invasion Mod 1.4

Insect Invasion mod v1.4.

Mod added: 24.03.2004 | ic_insect_invasion_v1_4.exe | 86.00 MB | 4376 downloads

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