Independence War 2: the Edge of Chaos Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
General Mods 1 75 160.80 MB Apr 9, 2012
All Mods 3 1,116 259.43 MB Apr 9, 2012
Torn Stars: Unstable Space (Beta)

Unstable Space is a simulation, and does not contain any storyline, or scripted quests/adventures. The entire star cluster of the Middle States is simulated and can be lived in and interacted with in numerous ways.

Mod added: 09.04.2012 | unstable_space_beta.exe | 160.80 MB | 75 downloads

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Torn Stars Ambient Lights

This is an addition to the Torn Stars mod. It gives you three choices to adjust the game's ambient light if you find it too dark or whatever.

Mod added: 10.12.2007 | torn_stars_ambient_lights_installer.exe | 617 KB | 246 downloads

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Torn Stars

A huge mod. It adds 26 Star Systems with hundreds of space stations, new graphics, new sounds, a full story and more.

Mod added: 10.12.2007 | torn_stars_8_0.exe | 98.02 MB | 795 downloads

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