Master of Orion III Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
Total / Partial Conversion Mods 2 38 812.55 MB Dec 13, 2012
All Mods 4 893 863.19 MB Dec 13, 2012
Dragon Ball Universe - Music

This is the Music for the mod, it is a separate download because both together would be too big.

Mod added: 13.12.2012 | MUSIC.rar | 372.95 MB | 7 downloads

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Dragon Ball Universe (Release 1)

This mod aims to create the first ever total conversion mod for Master of Orion 3, the mod will include 16 teams from the Dragon Ball Universe and feature new objectives, units, heroes (leaders), new star effects, planet skins, character bios and much mo

Mod added: 13.12.2012 | DBMOD.rar | 439.60 MB | 31 downloads

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Master Of Orion 3 Master Mod 2.0 (Patch)

This is a patch for the Master Of Orion 3 Master Mod. It will bring it up to version 2.0, and requires the full version 1.0 mod to be installed prior.

Mod added: 08.02.2010 | Master_mod_2.0_patch.rar | 24.31 MB | 396 downloads

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Master Of Orion 3 Master Mod 1.0

This is a collection of many M003 mods with additions.

Mod added: 08.02.2010 | Infogrames_Interactive.rar | 26.33 MB | 459 downloads

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