SWAT 4: the Stetchkov Syndicate Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
General Mods 2 932 109.44 MB Apr 24
All Mods 4 3,790 307.93 MB Apr 24
Speech Recognition Improvement

Ever wanted to command a real SWAT team? Well, now you can. At least a real virtual SWAT team. This mod allows you to command your team using by using your voice. SWAT 4 has never felt so real...

Mod added: 24.04.2014 | | 16.15 MB | 49 downloads

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SAS Mod 1.0

Purpose of the SAS mod is to give a completely new look at SWAT 4 fixing, where possible, the main game bugs and introducing new features. The SAS mod improves SWAT 4 gameplay looking at weapons, equipments and tactics of the real 22nd SAS Regiment.

Mod added: 18.06.2012 | | 93.30 MB | 883 downloads

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SSF Realism Mod 3.2

The Sheriff's Special Forces Realism modification takes many factors of the already great game SWAT 4 and makes it better for those who play serious coop, single player, or team-deathmatch.

Mod added: 15.02.2010 | SSF_Mod_3.2.exe | 196.24 MB | 2196 downloads

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SDK 1.0

This file allows mod authors to create and modify content for the new squad-based tactical first-person shooter expansion pack.

Mod added: 28.02.2006 | | 2.25 MB | 662 downloads

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