Terraria Mods (PC)

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General Mods 2 159 1.92 MB Feb 19
All Mods 2 159 1.92 MB Feb 19
L's Mod 4! - Addon: Titanium Generators

You NEED THIS MOD to make stuff out of Titanium and Dark Titanium in the full mod, because I can't make 3 Ores at once.

Mod added: 19.02.2014 | | 20 KB | 94 downloads

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L's Mod 4!

The complete version of L's Mod. Use at your own risk! Next Version: You will need a lot of lGems to craft weapons, but blocks and stuff are fine. Bosses will also be removed as they have terrible recolored stolen art from Reborn. It will be in 1.2.3.

Mod added: 19.02.2014 | | 1.90 MB | 65 downloads

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