Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
General Mods 1 5 12.89 MB Sep 25
All Mods 3 2,125 13.03 MB Sep 25
Vegas Realism Mod v2.0

This is my Vegas Realism Mod polished nice and shiny! I have changed the in-game gun titles to be accurate and added an installer! So no more searching through file folders to install this mod. So enjoy the mod that makes Rainbow Six Vegas worth playing a

Mod added: 25.09.2014 | | 12.89 MB | 5 downloads

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16x Anisotropy

This mod from dingchavez allows 16x anisotropy in the game instead of the default 4x.

Mod added: 13.07.2009 | | 3 KB | 1327 downloads

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Arsenal 0.021

This mod from the BFV Arsenal Team makes changes to the weapons. See File Details for more info.

Mod added: 12.01.2009 | | 142 KB | 793 downloads

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