Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
Total / Partial Conversion Mods 10 33,831 1,014.33 MB Oct 17, 2010
Graphic Mods 2 1,326 2.67 MB Sep 23, 2010
Battle Scenarios 5 8,456 7.08 MB May 13, 2010
General Mods 4 23,012 39.98 MB May 18, 2011
All Mods 35 101,866 1,139.80 MB May 18, 2011
Elite (Experimental Balance Mod)

A DoW2 Modification that experiments and strives to make the game overall more enjoyable, without straying away to much from the formula of the original game.

Mod added: 18.05.2011 | Caeltos_Balance_Mod_Update2.rar | 16.58 MB | 1081 downloads

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Unitedwestand17's 2000 population mod - version 1.02

Newly Updated. (working:15/01/2011) Works for both DOW2 and DOW2: Chaos Rising. Makes population limit in multi-player Games (provided all players have the mod) increase to a massive 2000 population - as well as removing the upkeep for units. Prepar

Mod added: 15.01.2011 | Unitedwestand17_2000_pop_mod.rar | 23.38 MB | 3137 downloads

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Dawn of War II & Chaos Rising permanent Reassign Points button

This mod will enable the "Reassign Points" button permanently for both Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising campaigns. You must complete mission 1 in Dawn of War II and mission 2 in Chaos Rising for the mod to take effect.

Mod added: 08.09.2010 | | 9 KB | 3824 downloads

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Dawn of War II campaign wargear unlocker v1.01

This mod will add all rare (green) and epic (blue) wargear to the player's starting inventory. Also adds a number of expendable +750 XP boosters and +2 Combat Discipline boosters.

Mod added: 08.09.2010 | | 7 KB | 14970 downloads

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