XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mods (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
Graphic Mods 2 521 24 KB Oct 26, 2012
General Mods 44 5,474 57.54 MB Mar 19
Tools 6 2,541 4.22 MB Dec 11, 2012
All Mods 52 8,536 61.78 MB Mar 19
Graphics Mod 1.2a

Anisotropic Filtering 16x, changes to the dynamic shadows and overall lighting, texture sizes to reflect 4096, increased draw distance, enabled FXAA and PostProcessing, Tessellation 64x, LODbias, hardware shadow filtering and physx support and more.

Mod added: 26.10.2012 | Graphics Enhancement - XCOM Enemy Unknown Version 1-2a.rar | 12 KB | 223 downloads

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Graphics Mod by PhilstatUK

Dozens of changes that affect graphics only - I did not alter anything else pertaining to the game.

Mod added: 19.10.2012 | XCOMGraphicsModChangestoBaseEngine.rar | 12 KB | 298 downloads

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