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Monopoly Tycoon Hints, Tips

Megapolitan bonus scenario
Finish all scenarios with any character. After the ending sequence, you be given a new scenario to build a Megapolitan. You will have $200,000,000 to build it, with no rival leaving you free to build your own city.
Bug Exploitation
To win an auction at the lowest price follow this procedure: Start an auction then as soon as you switch to the auction screen save your game. Then quit the game and reload the save game. 99% of the time all the computer players will pullout giving you the property for the cheapest price. If someone does bid against you just reload again till they don't.
Unlock All Scenarios
To unlock all the scenarios, play the first game and build on Pacific Avenue the following: a theater, a bar, a restaurant, a bakery, an apartment complex, and clothes store. Build each of these buildings as tall as you can can with a medium quality (it doesn't matter how much surface area you make them). You must do this before the second time period rolls around. Then save and quit the game. When you restart the game, you should have all the scenarios unlocked and the budget will read 100,000,000 but it will never decrease (unlimited budget).


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Money Trainer 16 KB Download it!