Mount & Blade, review by jormarakas

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A very fun game of improving your own customized character, getting more and more troops as your followers, gaining reputation, hatred or fear among the kingdoms. Roaming on the mountains, from villages to castles, proposing alliances, or slaying the ones that u wish in nicely done battles. The more troops u get, the more fun the battles get. You can do lots of things in this diverse game, but there are some set-backs. The game will get a bit boring after playing for long, kinda repetitive. But the more risks you take, then the fun will last longer. The absence of anykind of online or multiplayer mode puts down the value of the game a lot. IF they would implemend this kind of thing, the game would be much better, now its just a game for casual play and for killing time.
Posted on 03/17/2009 15:54
8.5 superb